Liquid Unicorn (magic juice)

by Monday, April 28, 2014

photoI’m trying to live FOREVER! Who’s with me?

Each ingredient listed is GREAT for Weight Loss on its own … but combined – just imagine the possibilities! Weight loss, lowered cholesterol, improved digestion, great skin, nails & teeth … Pain relief, reduced inflammation … Last weeks lunch Juice (frozen immediately after juiced) Lemons (4): Detoxification,  metabolism and circulation boosting nutrients Celery (4 stalks): reduces inflammation – lowers blood pressure & reduces inflammation, natural diuretic Green Apples (4): High in fiber & antioxidants, great for skin & anti-aging Jalapeños  (3): Contains Capsaicin – burns calories & fat, high in Antioxidants Cucumbers (3): Rehydrates body and replenishes daily vitamins, natural diuretic, flushes toxins Ginger Root (about an inch thick and wide): Aids digestion, Strengthens Immunity, Reduces pain & inflammation  Beets (3)rich in antioxidants – balances oxygen use and increases stamina This made enough for 4 days. More Juicing recipes here! 


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