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by Tuesday, August 7, 2018

In¬†the spirit of wellness and self-care, I¬†practice a few “rituals” daily. Eating healthy, positive exercise for the brain and the body and a vigorous¬†teeth brushing routine (i LOVE a clean mouth – don’t ask) are just a few habits to mention. I’ll admit, there are some self-care areas I’m lacking in. Particularly meditation and practicing more “stillness”, that’s where experimenting¬†with tea comes in. Saturday mornings, I do make time to be still, after watering plants and feeding the cat. During this “still” time I try to drink tea.

A few weeks ago, a lovely woman sent me some tea to try out. I’m not¬†a huge tea drinker, but I do believe in all the health benefits that drinking it consistently¬†offers. On the occasion,¬†I add green tea bags to my Infused waters and I’ve also been known to use tea bags for sunburn and under eye circles. That said¬†I tried these two tea selections from SIP Teahouse. One a tea bag called “Sunshine” and the other a very gorgeous loose combination called “The Unwind”.

Unwind is lovely, offers calming qualities of chamomile and lavender and smells like roses.¬† Unwind, true to its name is good for being “still” also great after a LONG day of work and working out.

Sunshine is great for get-up-and-go. The main ingredient¬†is Guayusa which offers as much¬†caffeine¬†as a¬†cup of¬†coffee,¬†this one is great for the office. Once I start¬†to drag mid-morning¬†I¬†pull a¬†bag of Sunshine out of my¬†drawer¬†– it’s also full of antioxidants. Smells like¬†jasmine and raspberries!

I implore you to take on a few daily, if not weekly self-care practices. You can start with meditation or simply sipping some tea. Check out The Sip Tea House for more options. My gift to you, save $2 with promo code: TABBSTASTE 



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