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by Tuesday, August 7, 2018

In the spirit of wellness and self-care, I practice a few “rituals” daily. Eating healthy, positive exercise for the brain and the body and a vigorous teeth brushing routine (i LOVE a clean mouth – don’t ask) are just a few habits to mention. I’ll admit, there are some self-care areas I’m lacking in. Particularly meditation and practicing more “stillness”, that’s where experimenting with tea comes in. Saturday mornings, I do make time to be still, after watering plants and feeding the cat. During this “still” time I try to drink tea.

A few weeks ago, a lovely woman sent me some tea to try out. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but I do believe in all the health benefits that drinking it consistently offers. On the occasion, I add green tea bags to my Infused waters and I’ve also been known to use tea bags for sunburn and under eye circles. That said I tried these two tea selections from SIP Teahouse. One a tea bag called “Sunshine” and the other a very gorgeous loose combination called “The Unwind”.

Unwind is lovely, offers calming qualities of chamomile and lavender and smells like roses.  Unwind, true to its name is good for being “still” also great after a LONG day of work and working out.

Sunshine is great for get-up-and-go. The main ingredient is Guayusa which offers as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, this one is great for the office. Once I start to drag mid-morning I pull a bag of Sunshine out of my drawer – it’s also full of antioxidants. Smells like jasmine and raspberries!

I implore you to take on a few daily, if not weekly self-care practices. You can start with meditation or simply sipping some tea. Check out The Sip Tea House for more options. My gift to you, save $2 with promo code: TABBSTASTE 



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