Tabbalicious: Indulgent Meal Prep – Available!🍃

by Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I’m EXCITED! I’ve done it again.

This year I listened. I took some time to read through comments, reviews and surveyed a few loyal followers and I created a new masterpiece that I hope proves more useful than the first book. Like Simply Tabbtastic, Tabbalicious is full of simple Meal Prep recipes and tips to create a healthier lifestyle. Tabbalicious is an INDULGENCE! Many of the recipes you can eat as much as you want and still not damage your daily caloric intake. What sets the new book aside are the LISTS! I get such positive feedback from posting weekly shopping lists that I chose to add a bunch of examples. I included price approximations and recipe ideas. I have also included a wonderful low-carb list that is divided into useful sections depending on what you feel like snacking on. I’m VERY excited about these two new attributes! My idea is to guide you from start to finish and to remove the intimidation from the Meal Prep process. Cheers to getting started again and to a new way to live.

  • 40 Simple Recipes
  • Simple Ingredients
  • 60 Minute Meal Prep
  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips
  • Shopping Lists
  • Low Carb Lists
  • Self Care Inspiration

You can purchase TABBALICIOUS on Amazon here or at

Also Simply Tabbtastic HERE

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