Episode 2 – RITC / Drop me off at the “F” (2006)

by Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This week’s tale starts a little early.

As far as work goes I’m proud to say I’m maintaining. I’m pulling my weight in a very busy office like I’ve been there for months. I haven’t even needed to do overtime to
finish up. I’m quite proud that with only four days of training I have took on my full work load and am achieving at the job. Considering that the office is in NJ and I work the boring-est people I’ve ever met, I think I’ve done outstandingly.

The weekend begins on Thursday this week…for me the weekend involves any time there’s a date involved. Throughout the week I’ve been keeping in touch with “him” though phone calls, his blackberry and my side kick… Not just sporadically but consistently everyday. Which is really a very nice incentive considering the weekend that passed. Nothing too serious just trying to get to know each other better.

On Thursday I informed him that I’d be around his establishment. Just to see if he’d ask me to stop by. Of course he did. Keep in mind I’m only two streets away everyday once I get off the ferry bus in Times Square. He asked me to stop by so I did. I had every intention of hitting the gym after work. I even had my gym bag with me. Once I got there it was pretty quiet. The door man had asked me what event I was there for, not knowing I just said I was having drinks with a friend. I sat at the bar and sent him and email since I hadn’t seen him immediately. When he came down he suggested we sit at a private table in the rear instead of the bar. He sat across from me the kissed me on the lips like we’d been doing it forever. This caught me a bit off guard but I was a little flattered by the gesture.

The night before I had spoken to a guy I had met in previous visits to NY. We had exchanged business cards but had never had the opportunity to hang out. His title is “creative director” at Phat Farm but early on he had let me know his aspirations for many other things. He was a little short for my taste but a very quaint dresser and interestingly well spoken. In our conversation he asked me to dinner. I replied that I wasn’t into making commitments “text me and I’ll see if I’m around” was my reply. Earlier he had texted me and asked if I wanted to have a drink…. Does a fish swim was my reply! LOL once I had got into the city he had texted and asked where I wanted to go. I told him he could pick and that it was his city. I just noted that I’d be around 42nd street.

Back to “him.” He’s asked if I was hungry while we were sitting and talking about various things. His web site redesign one in particular (business and pleasure!) I gave him my card, but told him to put it away because I was right in front of him. He asked if I liked shrimp, I said “doesn’t everybody?” he replied something smart like “you might think this is a fast food joint” again…. He don’t know me very well do he? Mean while phat farm guy texted and I said I’d meet him at 7. “He” walked away and left me to my thoughts for awhile. Next thing I know jumbo butterfly shrimp and salad are sent to my table. This is too much for me, talk about macking and pulling your weight. I ate some shrimp and salad and waited for him to stop doing his “owner” thing. The place was filling up, with different small parties sitting at various tables around me. Of course I felt uncomfortable sitting alone. When he finally came back over I told him to eat some and he did. I wasn’t going to be a pig… Even though I had worked through lunch and had only eaten crackers earlier.

I didn’t want to overstay my welcome so I told him I was going to go… Plus it was getting closer to 7. After a little while we walked out side and said good byes. He has a way of making a woman feel attractive… Even me… Miss Extreme. Maybe its game but whatever. When I left I walked to 38th and 7th where I was to meet PF guy. It was humid…. I wasn’t sweating but the heat is relentless in NYC. Still flawless… Deep plum wide leg dress pants and dark brown form fitting tee. So I get to the corner where he said he picks up his car. Thank goodness NO train is all I’m thinking! I hadn’t seen him in a while but he waved when he saw me. This man was wearing white dress pants white button up shirt blue polo vest (real) Gucci shoes and sunglasses… LOL more than I expected. I remembered he was a snappy dresser but…… Anyhow he kisses me on the cheek after my heel gets stuck in my cuff and I all but stumble into him. Then he introduces me to some Asian guy on a bike he’s not important but we’ll call him “chang.” That’s not all ladies and gentlemen. Opens the door for me …. Silver …. 2005 …. Benz…. Yall know that’s my favorite car! LOL. I’m wayyyyy too cool at this point… Like I been in NY forever and I’m used to all this. Hey! I deserve it.

He says we can get drinks uptown in the Village. He described the area and said it was laid back but had a high gay population. Damn rainbow flags everywhere! He also said it was a high fashion area and that plenty of industry people hung out there. I must note I felt very comfortable in his presents the conversation flowed freely the whole evening. PF guy asked me what I liked to drink of course I said margaritas and I told him I loved nachos too. I was being silly but I kind of had the feeling that he was in awe because he had seemed so shy the 1st and 2nd times wed met. He was tripping around his thoughts. A little nervous.

He parks and we walk half a block and see a place with a HUGE Margaritas glass on top. I couldn’t help but smile “we are soooo going there” I said. So we went and ate and drank and laughed. I gave our waiters the most stereotypical names… He found this hilarious because I told him there were only 2 Mexicans in Pittsburgh. I named them “José” and “Miguel” We had a really decent time. He was great for conversation and his ambition shined through his shy nervousness. He really has an actual personality which is a rarity. While we were eating random people were walking up the street with ice cream I told him we had to get some. After another drink we went. I was really good though, one margarita and 1 mohito that I only drank a 4th of.

He was a gentlemen the whole night, opening doors calling the waiter and pulling out chairs for me. Ice cream was no exception he asked me what I wanted “French vanilla” I said… He told them and the Italian said we don’t have that but we got Italian vanilla because I’m Italian, it was soooo funny so I told him give me that and an Italian cone! How about it was 7 bucks! For some damn ice cream! It’s a racket… He paid and the older Italians behind the counter commented that 7 bucks wasn’t enough for me.PF guy said “I don’t care if it was 21 dollars I’d pay it” I’m dying of hysterics now… And I told him they deserve a tip for that. He dropped a buck in the cup.

Sigh… Good things don’t last too long. He asked me where I wanted to go next. I’m like uhhh it’s late. Have work in the morning. It was about 10. So then he’s says “so what this is NY.” LOL negro please! So he asked me if I wanted to go to his house LOL! This dude had 4 drinks but I know he wasn’t that drunk. LOL I’m like nah I’m cool. LOL it was so funny because he wasn’t being rude or disrespecting me or anything. So I entertained his thought for a while and when I kept laughing he gave up. I told him to just drop me at the F train. He was like “uhh you don’t want me to know where u live?” I just commented that since he lives in Brooklyn there’s no use in spending money and going out of his way.

In the end I think this is going well. I am meeting all sorts of people, men and women and maintaining some good contacts. I don’t intend on taking anyone serious for any period of time soon. Although I may have some decent prospects I think the weeding process will be fun. There are plenty more experiences to be had. I’m just taking my time.

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