Episode – 4 RITC / Independent New York (2006)

by Thursday, September 20, 2007

Apparently its rude to call homeless people bums. That’s just an uncommon random fact I thought I’d throw out there. Since there are so many of them you would think they weren’t taken into consideration so much. New Yorkers take the homeless very seriously. And why shouldn’t they? A decent portion claim to be Vietnam vets the have served this country in some way. The rest are a common mix of the same type of homeless people
in every city.

I can say some add character to the street, however most are too pitiful to consider. While walking through Times Square once I read a dirty frayed matte board the said “tell me off for $2” was he serious? This man way lying on the ground… Perhaps on some newspaper with his head propped up on the palm of his hand. His legs were crossed as if he was intensely watching afternoon cartoons. All the while 100’s of people by the hour are trumping by his ground giving him or his humorous but serious sign no mind. I gave it some mind simply because I thought it was terribly funny. This was a sign you’d only see on some comedy show mocking the harshness of New York. Honestly if I would have had cash I would have considered regressing my humility and contributing to his cause. Simply because I was amused.

Another homeless man resides in the Sutphin subway station. He sleeps there, and under a blanket. Now even the though subway is underground… It’s hot as hell. I don’t understand it but I see him most mornings when I’m not too late to walk down to the other end of the station before the train comes. He’s begun speaking to me. Now, regularly this wouldn’t bother but I’ve seen one to many episodes of Law and Order. It’s just a hello or he pays me a compliment and I smile and nod. But even that’s too much for comfort.

So this week on Wednesday I went out with BSG from last week. We had drinks and seafood in Times Square. He was very interesting company and he kept up with me keeping him on his toes. He was also a gentleman which is odd because every guy seems to put up that front. We talked about the normal stuff, career aspirations and educational experiences. He’s a computer tech for Barneys in Manhattan but lives in NJ. His personality is laid back and easy going, he seems to have a poised professional demeanor, and it makes a nice compliment to the way he dresses. I never got the feeling that he knows he’s attractive just that he’s not self conscious at all about the way he looks. He also has a son, which means he has a son’s mother. This doesn’t bother me immediately simply because I’m not looking for anything more than dinner and drinks. I found out he was born in Peru and he used to do some body building (which explains his structure.) BSG has curly black hair and a lighter complexion than I’m used to. His face has strong distinct features, a broad nose along with perfectly accented cheek bones. His eyes look a
little sad paired up with his bone structure but they are deep dark and black rimmed. Yes, he’s beautiful, but just one of many, right?

I have to mention he did pose a wonderful question “can you make me fall in love?” he asked, after some silly conversation involving authorative rights over one another. This made me squeamish, like the salt from the margarita was all I had consumed all night. I pursed my lips to the side, making a self assured face as if to say “look at me… your just a man, are you kidding, I’m Roberta” I answered “what do you think?” then quickly diverted my eyes and eased into another subject.

I had a really good time and now, more and more I’m realizing, its ok to date and not every man wants to claim you as his prize because he buys you dinner. On some level I suppose they have just as many choices as I do.

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