• Exercise didn’t become a huge part of my daily life until AFTER I lost a considerable amount of weight. After losing 70 pounds with just a healthier diet and moderate jog walking, I decided to take the next step and begin to work out. These are some ideals I practice and take seriously.
  • Exercise must become a part of your weekly routine. Your health is important enough to fit it in somewhere
  • Change your lifestyle, if possible: walk instead of the bus, take the steps instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Start easy and work your way up, even if it’s a 10 minute walk or jog – it’s a start
  • Cardio is the most important part of exercise for anyone who is overweight, it focuses on total body weight loss rather than specific areas
  • Create a regimen that is comfortable for yourself, then begin to push the limit. Every week or so try to jog a little longer or walk a little faster.
  • Aerobics are great for cardio; most routines work your entire body. You can do them at home or at a class at the gym
  • Try Pilates or yoga, it may not be for you but it’s good to try. These routines stretch your body and release tension
  • Incorporate light weight training when you are ready; this helps to tone muscles
  • If you see that you have hit a plateau in weight loss try a different combination of exercises
  • Take a daily multivitamin
  • Listen to music while you work out – it creates a healthy distraction
  • Be Prepared, wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel and gloves if going to the gym.

Feel Free to email me for a beginners work out plan to suit your specific needs!

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