Expensive Accessories – RITC July 08

by Monday, March 30, 2009

As of late I have been getting back into my grove as far as adding a little bit of social time into my ever busy work schedule. Although I know my career is important, you all have seen that all work and no play make Roberta a very dull girl. My latest triumph is one that you all have read the beginning to already. Gladly now … I am able to grant you a somewhat entertaining end.

Thankfully, I am aware that if things seem too good to be true they usually are. This hindsight is either a gift or a curse in the sitcom that is referred to as my life. So after listening to weeks of compelling accent riddled testimony from the rich African I was able to see what his intentions really were.

Moving along as smooth as I allow things I began to notice this mans true personally and started to pick at things I really disliked. Turns out that those small quirks were actually the bases of the kind of man he showed to be as opposed to the type of man he said he was. There was this annoying kind of attitude that exuded “look at me and what I have” the “look at what I have” part didn’t bother me, because he had proven that he’d worked hard for what he has built up. The “look at me” part really bothered me; it seemed to me that I may have been just another expensive accessory. Someone that he easily would spend money on because the “wow” effect from anyone he showed me off to would be the real prize – not actually the beginning of a relationship, which is what he claimed he was seeking. He’d have to drive one of his big cars by whatever restaurant or lounge we would be spending time at just to see who would see him. I’ve never seen someone in such a rush for no reason other than just to be there. Another annoying attribute was his tendency to be late and aloof. All in the first month none of this was impressive, so I asked myself why I even bothered. Past the usual getting to know each other conversation our dialogue was limited. A time or two I actually tried to force a connection of words. I don’t understand how this didn’t bother him … how can you spend time with someone if neither person bothers to inquire past regular pleasantries. Early on I explained that my biggest pet peeve was wasting time, I’ll tell anyone that I’d rather do nothing by myself then waste time with someone else. I don’t know if he thought we were “building something” or if he thought he was doing a good job as a suitor but he was extremely surprised once I made up my mind to be rid of him. This was easy for me because I had weighed the pros and cons, and the cons weighted with a bit of my personal knowledge doubled.

Easy enough after the last infraction against my respect I simply stopped answering his calls and responding to his text messages. It was a Friday night and it was sort of fun to see how many calls would be missed. They came in groups of two or three. By morning I had 13 missed calls and 3 text messages. The pathetic text messages read “I’m worried, are you ok” and the voicemails read something like the same. True to his character the words he used seemed sincere but I had already seen that these words were nothing more than just that. Still, this made me feel a little bad but not bad enough to return a call. Upon consulting with a person or two I decided to respond if the quota got to 20. Once it did I sent a text saying I was fine and there was no need to worry. To which I was bombarded once again with phone calls. I told him I didn’t think it was working out for me… finally I called him back and explained how I felt and in so many words, the reasons why. In a stitch effort to save the nothing that we had he asked if he could see me in person. I said yes, because I though he deserved it and also I wanted to be sure the decision I made was correct.

Of course … as usual I was correct and that ends an interesting chapter of “The Roberta Show”. In this I did learn a lesson or two … I’ve said it before – I even surprise myself with the depths of realizations I make based my own moral values. I could not be with a man because he offers me things and gives me whatever I ask of. The main thing I learned is that I can’t ever sacrifice who I really am in an attempt to fit the mold that someone else attempts to shove me into. The pretentiousness by far was first inclination of an affair that was never meant to be.

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