I’m Back – but unimpresssed (Spring 2008)

by Friday, January 9, 2009

So I have been on a hiatus for most of the year for various reasons. The main one being work. I’ve been so overwhelmed with my actual career that almost all other facets of life have fallen wayside. Specifically my entire social life, excluding time spent with coworkers outside of work. But recently I have begun to come out of my intense art laced fog. A little help from out of town friends visiting has forced me to regain my old status as “a some time hang out – but always fly anyway professional networker”.

Really I haven’t been on many dates because I am/was extremely uninterested in finding time to date anyone new. However, I must admit in the interest of not having to spend another horribly lonely holiday season I should get to work on finding a potential something. Within the past two months I have met a few characters, one very much worth elaborating on and the others not so much besides pure shock value.

Elaborating – I’ll call him the African Prince. I actually met him at the regular Friday night hang out when a friend from undergrad was visiting. Very much only expecting to get my friend plastered and enjoy the music as well, I was pleasantly surprised. Because I am so at home at the bar I am able to take on any form of conversation with whomever I choose. He walked up to the bar and stood beside me. I didn’t really notice him until after his order was complete. He ordered a “tub” of beers and wine for himself and the company that he kept. He was dressed exquisitely … like he had just stepped out of Barney’s Men’s department. Topping his trendy look were sunglasses. I wrote him off automatically. He wore a dark blue blazer with jeans complete with a striped pocket hanky “this guy was just too much” is what I thought. While he was at the bar his friends were behind me, one quiet the other appeared to have drank too much. Despite my initial thoughts I told him his friend was trashed then asked him if he had more gum. Classically he asked me if I needed a drink, of course I declined but that’s how it began.

In our brief conversation I learned that he was in the business of medical supply. While we chatted I picked up a whiff of arrogance … usually I like a small amount but the way this guy was dressed up made me wonder why I was still engaging with the medium statured man who spoke with an accent. In the end we exchanged cards and parted ways.

He called the same night. Interesting enough I wasn’t interested. Guys like him get whatever they want from girls based on what they “look” like they might have. Fast forward to a week later, I decided to go to dinner with him. How bad could it be? It’s not like I hadn’t been out with a guy like this before. Late. He picked me up from work and we proceeded a couple blocks to a place called Primehouse, I wont mention the SL-Class benz he picked me up in. Still unimpressed almost immediately we began a fruitful conversation based on the state of the black community and why it was almost impossible for us to date anymore. We sat outside (which I hate) and continued the conversation, obviously dining here before he order a bottle of wine without the list. I ordered the halibut he had bass. Two bottles of wine later he seemed to look at me with new eyes. Honestly he told me who or what he had thought I was. He stated that upon meeting me and seeing me out a few times previously he thought I was 1. A snob and 2. a girl that wasn’t about her business … he wouldn’t elaborate on this until we got back in the car because he “didn’t want me to walk away” he said he thought that just hung out and didn’t work. Infuriated … I laughed and asked what this assumption was based on besides the way I looked. Furthermore I asked why he would want to go out with a girl he thought such things about if he really was looking for someone that was more than the average. He was in a puzzled stupor and could do nothing but apologize. He said he had found more than he had hoped for and he was extremely gracious. I remained – unimpressed.

Next we ventured to a new roof top lounge called High Bar. Walking to the front of the line we were admitted instantly, after the elevator ride to the penthouse we walked straight to the bar … obviously were we are both most at home and had more drinks. We talked … really talked, because I, in my slightly elaborated state was able to be more forthcoming about my opinion of him. He in turn told me the story of his life. Then – I was a little impressed. Here too at the bar … when associates that he knew approached him he offered them drinks and kept both of ours full.

At the end of the date I let him drive me home with a promise of a repeat.

Our next date was a little more relaxed. Although we both voiced our love of Manhattan I opted to take the initiative and met him in his chosen borough, Long Island. He gave me his address and after less than 30 minutes of driving I was a little surprised when I turned onto his tree lined suburban street. As I drove the Stang down the street looking for his house number I made sure to take in the beauty of the neighborhood. Not only the pedicured lawns but the shiny foreign cars some new and some vintage, a vintage Rolls Royce along with a huge boat sat in the drive way next to the house number that was his. Ok so – this was impressive. He greeted me and I looked around as he finished getting ready for lunch. The inside was almost as impressive as the outside. There were many small aspects that great detail had been put into. Like the sitting room that the sun spewed into that held a white piano in the corner adjacent a wall of glass that separated it from his yard. His tapered yard was home to a huge golden retriever who was sleeping under some brush. A huge bass cello sat in the middle of the living room, though not for playing it added character to the spacious room that had colors that all spoke to each other.

We had an Italian lunch where he wouldn’t let the waiter pour tap water into his glass then walked along the nautical mile … a mile of stores on the shore of a channel. There happened to be a carnival. We walked and talked then he took me back to his place and I retired back to mine. That was the second of four dates thus far. Somewhere along the way he asked me to come to Paris with him.

You guys can tell me what you think because I haven’t decided yet.

Ohhh yeah if you can’t tell … I’m back!

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  • Anonymous
    January 27, 2010

    What an excitingingly vivid entry. So what ever became of you and the “African Prince”?

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