Revelations 2-7

by Thursday, February 7, 2008

So I started salsa/meringue this week and I am utterly horrible at it. I mean to the point of embarrassment, after two classes I have found a reason to blame it on (besides mild retardation), I think the reason I have such an issue with the steps is that I have opted (as a woman) to be the follower instead of the leader. I get the steps confused and it ends up being a big mess. So how do I fix this problem? Do I attempt to concede and try to concentrate more or do I out myself as a leader?

Beyond the core of the class being the dancing there also are other issues. The people. The fact that you have to touch them and they have to touch you is almost unbearable. I knew this beforehand, I think I decided to ignore it until I was faced with it. Grabbing 12 different people’s hands in less than an hour may be a little more than I can stand. I feel like I’ve slept with everyone in the room by the time the class is over – like I just had a hand orgy. Then these men who I can mostly describe as lonely odd control freaks capitalize on the fact that they get to “dominate” the dance with a women they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to talk to let alone dance with.

I am glad I took the chance because I am in fact learning things about myself and compromising things about myself that aren’t as positive as they could be.

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