RITC – episode 10 / Promiscuous Girl – 2006

by Friday, November 9, 2007

Almost every guy I’ve dated while in New York has had trust issues with past girlfriends. For that matter I can recall 1 or 2 in Pittsburgh with the same issues.

Each guys issue is unique in its own situation. But the idea each guy shares is the effect it has on the “survivor” of the relationship. Granted I’m only getting one side of the story, I think it’s pathetic. I don’t want to hear these sad tales of the do wrong, getting done wrong. Neither should I have to experience the after shock of past relationship scorn. This is far from my specialty. Comforting men doesn’t appeal to me unless I’m in a deep relationship. Obviously I’m not.

My question is… Why the deceit? I know I had only thoughts of cheating because I wasn’t satisfied in my past relationship. He knew it and didn’t make any attempts to fix it. That said, I still wasn’t driven to betrayal. Is it a moral issue or do these woman or girls take other peoples emotional stability for granted? In one case a 3 year relationship was ended with cheating then the cheater getting engaged to the person she cheated with. Is that an isolated incident because she found “true love” in the midst of already being in a relationship? Either way I can see how the cheated end up emotionally sabotaged.

So I’m left with these weird situations. Though I’m NOT in ANY relationship, I get questions about others I might be dating and my intent with whoever I’m dating. The intent is ALWAYS to get to know the person better. Not to get wifed up or be thrown into some long drawn out jealous love affair. I shouldn’t even have to answer these questions, because at this point I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them back. 1 because it’s too early with anyone I’m dating and 2 because I don’t give a rats ass.

How is it that these women have seemed to dictate how my relationships might go with hopefuls before I’ve even met them?

I did my usual hanging out on Friday at the usual spot. As soon as I walk in the place I’m getting hawked, a little worse than usual and the place is packed. Good comp drinks and conversation is what the night consisted of for the most part. I’ve reframed from exchanging numbers there though; I can’t have the regulars expressing discontent from rejection. On Saturday I made my 1st venture to Harlem. Very black but I wouldn’t call it ghetto black. It’s a place where it’s ok and preferred that you’re a proactive black American or what some call an “angry black,” you know the black people that preach for the better of the race and that break it down to roots scientifically in a seconds notice. There were black book stores, jewelry stores and all the shops and brownstones were black owned, I even got a chance to check out the “Carols Daughter” store. I must point out the overpopulated street venders. Really 8 incense venders within 1 block is ridiculous even for New York.

Black Americans will be black Americans and the true “Africans” have reformed to it, heavy accents and all, they speak slang and dress “hood.” I encountered plenty of shout outs and hollas but none that came as correct as would require my response.

Either way it was nice to see “us” rallied together in legendary Harlem. It was quite the experience.

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