27th Confessions (Rday27)

by Monday, September 22, 2008

1. I like who I am – each one of my flaws make me exactly who I am (some of them make me even better)

2. My biggest fear is losing my family – since if haven’t nearly any friends I depend on my family for all that is real and that very reason makes me not mind being alone

3. My father is the best man I know (and he admits he’s nowhere near perfect)

4. I don’t mind my hips – unlike my waist

5. My second biggest fear is losing my teeth – dream about it!

6. I have told guys there would be a second date when I was well aware that I’d never see them again

7. My people scare me sometime

8. I resent not knowing where I came from (past my grandparents)

9. I’m secure with my insecurities – I own or cover them up well

10. I have very little faith in humanity

11. I have no regrets (past eating decisions)

12. I secretly hate men (for almost no reason pertaining to my self)

13. I don’t have a favorite thing about myself (everything is equally flawed or great)

14. I know I try to hard

15. I could be a better designer – but id rather work on being a better writer

16. I hate opening bills – paying them isnt nearly as bad for me

17. I never want to become my mother – although a lot of her has made me who I am

18. I don’t always give up my seat to pregnant women

19. I very rarely get embarrassed

20. There’s is always a reason for things I do (even if it only has meaning to me)

21. I never say things I don’t mean (even if it only has meaning to me)

22. I believe there is no such thing as love (god and family aside, I can not believe in ideas I can’t see)

23. I have acne (and I’m 27)

24. I believe I am short, in general I think its just my legs (but I wear heels anyway)

25. The days that I think I look fat are equal to the days I think I look thin

26. I don’t chalk days up to be good or bad – I am truly grateful for them all

27. I am confidant – the best has yet to come.

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