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by Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Erin_velezMy name is Erin Velez. I am 30 year old woman that has lost over 300 pounds. My highest weight was over 500 pounds. I currently weigh less than 200 pounds. My weight was so high that normal and bariatric scales couldn’t weigh me. I worked at a freight company and begrudgingly weighed myself on the freight scale. To my dismay I saw the numbers 5 1 0 and burst into tears. At that time I lost my aunt and my relationship failed. I received good news that my younger sister was pregnant and that was the day I decided to change my life. I don’t blame anyone for my weight gain. I don’t throw it off on having a hard-life, being bullied, physically or mentally abused. Instead I have come to the realization that those hard parts of life made me the strong woman I am today. What I did learn was that I had an addiction to food and I am an emotional eater. I used food to mask my sorrow. I used sorrow to mask my pain. I used pain as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, desired or craved.


I worked out 6 days a week doing Zumba while taking Adipex and eating a low calorie diet. I

lost 220 lbs over 2 years. After my weight loss plateaued my physician suggest I have the vertical gastric sleeve. I lost an additional 110 pounds. In August of 2013 my insurance covered a tummy tuck. My arms, legs, breast and buttocks are in need of some help. I have worked very hard to get to the weight and health I am currently in. I am not looking for a hand out just an opportunity to share my story, encourage, and change the life of others. The pain in my voice, the joy in my face and the love in my heart is better conveyed before you.

After thought:

I’ve tried to get some plastics surgery covered through my insurance to rectify some of the after effects of the weight loss and they keep denying me. I really would like to have an arm-lift and thigh -lift. I want to see the true results of the hard-work I put in and be able to wear clothes in my actual size.

I am looking for any donations. I am hoping to get the surgery covered but they have refused 3 times already.

If you are in the generous mood I am more than willing to accept. Link below – THANK YOU!

If not, I understand. Thanks for reading, cheering and being supportive!

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