Lean & GREEN (literally)

by Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kale & Collards

Are my favorite types of greens, paired with a dash of salt and a bunch of red pepper flakes they make for a delicious meal. Besides the fact that they’re so soulful, these greens are so low cal that they make the top of my “AS MUCH AS YOU WANT” meal plan.

Raw Collard Greens are fat free and are only 11 calories per serving.
Raw Kale is low fat and contains about 33 calories per serving.

Both are a good source of Iron & Fiber. Remember only to steam until tender, not boiling to overcook, overcooking will decrease the amount of nutrition available for your body to absorb. If you’re like me then your parents always cooked greens with a ham hock or some type of smoked pork. If you MUST add meat – use a few slices of turkey bacon when steaming.


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