Discovering the Meyer (Lemon)

by Monday, January 27, 2014

meyer-lemon-roberta_tabbThis past weekend, I traveled to Fairway grocery store to beef up on fruits and veggies for fresh smoothies and juices for the week. Normally frequent my local grocery store and buy whatever organic (or not) i can find and my usual ingredients for daily lunch juices. However, Fairway usually has a vast supply of regular and exotic organic produce that i’m not prone to find regularly. True to example, while i was filling up a bag full of lemons, my eyes wondered to a stack of brightly colored “cartoon” lemons. I was produce struck! while staring i also began to notice a lightly earthy, sweet citrusy scent unlike any i had encountered before emitting from the pile.

These were Meyer Lemons.

Once I snapped out of my sense induced trance, I willed my gaze to the price, a full dollar more than the blandly colored but dutifully powerful lemons I usually buy. I began putting them back anyway! Compared to these “Meyer” lemons surely the usual weren’t as magical as the colorful scent and softer texture these new lemons offered.  At $3.99 a pound I managed to fill a large produce bag (the bag I usually reserve for holiday “greens”).

That night while preparing my weekly juice i opted to taste a slice of my new favorite fruit. The Meyer lemon was tart but sweet enough to consume without wincing. True to the description i found afterward, the taste is somewhere between a mandarin orange and ripe lemon. I was impressed. Also the substitution in my juice worked amazingly. Even the smell is different. However, in my opinion because these lemons are less tart they don’t cut the heat of my usual jalapeño or cayenne pepper addition. Still no love lost and i’m certain I would choose these in any case they were available.

I personally have only used the Meyer Lemon in my daily juicing recipes thus far but in searching the internet i found a slew of interesting tastings that include marmalades, custards and pastas! I’m EXCITED!!!

If interested I pinned a great article with great recipes
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