Goal Setting : A goal without a PLAN is JUST a wish

by Thursday, May 15, 2014

goalUpon the cusp of each New Year I begin to excite about the challenges that will surely come and the unknown opportunities that will birth from those very obstacles. This may sound strange, but for the busy-bodied goal seeker the new year is a heaven of unknown possibilities.

First I must force myself to relax and reflect on the year that has passed, the good, the bad and the unachieved. The good is placed in the mental box of accomplishments (of which I draw my esteem and determination from) The bad is placed the the mental box of lessons (of which i remember to study from) and the unachieved are placed on the list for the new year or rethought from a perspective of realism and time.

Next I think about new things I’d like to try or perhaps opportunities I would like to create or take advantage of. Any achievement starts with a well thought plan. The key to not loosing control is to CREATE the control. I control my schedule down to the amount I sleep and eat. All of these attributes are necessary for a good plan. Once I begin forming the plan I consider any outside factors that may skew my end result and deal with such accordingly.

Goal setting is a bit different from creating resolutions for the new year. Goals can be long or short term, it’s the execution that makes the distinction and execution all depends your desire to succeed. I have set and accomplished personal goals that i’ve never told another soul about and in those I test the strength of my beliefs and will power.

There is no amount of value that can be put on a goal, tangible or not. By dictating the paths I’ve taken in life I have found out what i’m made of and also how much further I have to go. Though personal achievement is a true character builder, I document life achievements as stepping stones on the path within my ultimate journey. This process is the best possible way to take control of what I need to, to accomplish each day, month and year.

Create a Plan | Create the control

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