Ask Roberta : Instagram Q&A – part1

by Monday, September 29, 2014


Ask Roberta

I frequently get amazing health and weight loss questions throughout all sorts of social media. On Friday I took my Instagram @therobertashow to answer a few weight loss and motivation questions.

Q1. What did you do for abs & thighs?

In addition to cardio 5 times a week, on the weekends I do a vigorous leg routine that consists of lunges and a few different thigh machines. Including 3 sets of 15 on the following thigh abductor – this work the outer thighs, thigh adductor – works inner thigh, seated leg curl – works the quads and the leg press. If you don’t fee comfortable in the gym you can always start with a lunge and squat challenge. Your legs will feel like jello after 🙂 

Abs and I have a LOVE/HATE relationship – it’s an areas I pay close attention to but results pay off the most. Most days I do about 50 crunches & 20 leg lifts. On weekends I do a series of ab and back exercises with and without weight. This includes the roman chair and planks. I push them till the end of my workout because I get the greatest sense of accomplishment after. 


Q2. What is your definition of clean eating?

MY definition of clean eating only consuming fresh unprocessed food. I began loosing weight before the “clean eating” craze, I simply only ate fresh fruits and vegetables and baked proteins. Nothing frozen, from a can or box. Only water to drink. An easy habit to follow is to only eat things with less than 5 ingredients included – and be careful that you know what all those ingredients are. Even now – I cut out refined sugars and dairy when I want to detox.  This is what worked for ME. 

Q3. How did you remain focused without falling off?

My emotions motivated me the most. I never wanted to feel as bad about myself before I began to do something about it. Even when the scale didn’t move – knowing I had began the process pushed me to stay on track. I felt good taking charge of something that was controlling me for so long. I had set backs, but always kept my eyes on the prize, the prize was not looking a certain way be FEELING a certain way about myself. 


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