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by Sunday, June 7, 2015

being-a-ladyWith summer quickly approaching, the life of the crop top and mini skirt will soon begin to thrive. I have already begun to see signs of ill thought clothing choices on the train and even at brunch. Many – but not all of us women have spent a considerable amount of time in the gym this long winter in hopes to not have bloated our middle areas while covering up in those warm oversized sweaters and roomy blazers. The latter may have considered summer would never come and ditched the resolutions for pudding. There are signs of this everywhere – look around the office – that MAY NOT be a baby bump, look on the street – those crops don’t quite zip up and lastly and (to ME) the most offensive – comfy or not -sweat / yoga pants and a track jacket or tee shirt DO NOT make and outfit suitable for anywhere other than places to go to sweat.

Now – if you know me, no matter how, or where from – in person, in the media or on the internet you should already know, I take great pride in taking superb care of myself. You also know that I consider myself a lady to levels of prudishness perhaps. I absolutely love being a woman and all the things that go along with it – the make-up, hair, heels and OMG the DRESSES. I’m aware that not all women want to be “girly-girls” nor do they have to be, however we DO have to present ourselves in such a way that demands respect. I mentor young women to teach this foremost – the work has to start somewhere and the appearance is the easiest piece of becoming the woman you want to be. To that point i’m not even referring to my main platform – health & weight loss. I am referring to simply respecting the way you look, be sure bits of you aren’t hanging out anywhere and pay close attention to basic hygiene etiquette.

In the grand scheme of life, us women have the MOST important jobs – and MOST times we neglect ourselves by putting our loved ones needs over our own. ALL the while still succeeding and adding success to our own lives. Based on the most important points i’ve just made it stuns me that some of us hold ourselves with so little regard that we feel we must show the world the most delicate parts of ourselves to draw attention to how amazing we are. Our amazingness has NOTHING to do with how we look and how much we show. Being a “Bad b!tch” (whatever THAT is – it just SOUNDS derogatory) is no substitute for being a lady. The former is a fad – acting a lady will forever be relevant and leaving a life lasting impression. Just some conversation & cake.


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