EveryBODYs got that something

by Friday, May 17, 2013

0aI am the first to admit that I’m far from perfect and at this point in life I don’t even strive for the “perfect appearance” physically. A new year’s resolution of mine was to achieve the “Best Shape of my Life” and by that I meant I wanted to work toward the healthiest part of my life mentally and physically. I have learned with that comes accepting yourself flaws and all.

Along the lines of health and fitness overall I strive to push myself a little more with each work out. Its not because I’m trying to change my outer appearance in some way, it is because; if you believe you can do more you WILL do more. Doing a little more each day produces results inside thru out. I do recommend paying a little extra attention to problem areas for the span of a few weeks, then rotate to sculpt another area. For instance, as recent as this month I’ve been putting in extra work to form the muscles in my upper back and now I’m switching back to upper arm strength training. Not because I want to be stronger but because my arms are my SOMETHING, they probably bother me the most of any other part of my body. I can say that because I’m comfortable with it but also because I put in work to correct the things I dislike.

I say all that because many times I hear that people think it’s impossible to loose weight or begin to take steps toward living a healthier lifestyle. The small steps turn into bigger ones, and focusing on your SOMETHING could become just the jump start you need. And to counteract that bad SOMETHING everyBODY has a good something as well. All of us have a feature or part of our anatomy that we absolutely love and that we show off or dress up to accentuate. Let’s all always be grateful for that and focus on making the insides and everything else match. EVERYBODYs got that SOMETHING.

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