HUGE Holiday Hunger – Tips Revisited

by Tuesday, December 16, 2014

holidayhunger2In general, eating is at the top of my MOST favorite things to do list and drinking accompanies it, but perhaps around the holidays it completely takes first place. It’s the only time of the year I am compelled to it without consequences. Maybe somewhere deep down I think the other nine months of mostly good, clean eating are the excuse as to why my mind gives more when I overindulge in all things cheese and sugar.

The past 3 years I have hosted a HUGE Thanksgiving meal, filled with the richest southern touched comfort foods and enough booze to turn the turkey-itus into a coma. That being said – I allow myself to eat without consequence for a week or so and then I begin to panic because there is so little time left to end the year at my best mentally and physically. I have created myself as a victim once again this year! Though, i’m not upset it is still cause for some deeply motivated gym salvation. In addition I still have a few more holidays to overcome, so i’m revisiting my list as a reminder of how to handle myself throughout the rest of the year. Wishing myself LOTs of luck – with plenty left over for you too!

Here is an easy list of (not so obvious) tips I’ve compiled to keep you from having to drop newly added pounds before you watch the ball drop…

Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water.

Hunger is all in the mind – if you fill yourself up with water there won’t be much room for anything else.  Of course, I recommend adding lemon for taste & detoxification.

Eat low to high – calorie intake 

Start with bigger portions of soup or salad then move on to proteins then sides. By the time you reach dessert perhaps you’ll just need a few bites instead of an entire plate.

Be real

This is maybe the most useful bit of information I’ve found. The average American gains at least three pounds from Halloween to New Year’s. That said, how about focusing on maintaining as opposed to losing weight for the season?

Drink Lightly

Around the holidays there is always some beverage that has some kind of seasonal tweak, whether its spiced Egg Nog or a pomegranate margarita. More than likely the little extra something adds sugar and calories to these festive drinks. take it easy, maybe stick to Tonic with lime if eating as well. Or four ounces of a red wine should keep the calories down. Afterall .. who wants to be the holiday party drunk? (we’ve all seen it!)

Don’t come hungry

The holiday season brings on invites to events to things you forgot you ever knew about. From fundraisers to office parties, don’t expect to get your fill there. Chances are the food will be high in fat and sugar and coming hungry will force you to overindulge. Nine out of 10 will overeat if they skip meals, so eat lightly beforehand. This leads me to the next tip.

Bring a healthy dish

If you’re invited to a dinner party or office gathering that constitutes some kind of offering to the fellow masses, bring something healthy. And of course, according to me healthy can also mean quick. Pick up a festive fruit or vegetable tray or simply spice up some fat-free applesauce.

Dress to form

This may be my favorite tip of all time. Wearing form-fitting clothing, or things that fit perfectly, as opposed to loose-fitting clothing will cause you to be aware of your eating. No one wants a bulge, or to appear larger than they are.

Size always matters

In this case, in buffet situations grab the smallest plate. There are usually smaller plates by the appetizers and desserts; use those for your main meal as well.


Plan your parties and events.  If you have more than one or two in a day, limit eating and drinking accordingly.

Lastly, don’t panic – One day of overeating isn’t going to bloat you into full cow state. What really matters is the amount and types of food eaten over time. Stay aware and enjoy.


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