SKINNY COW: Cheat or Sin – A Review

by Friday, March 8, 2013
Dreamy Clusters

Dreamy Clusters

I’m a snack skeptic and as an obesity and sugar addict survivor – I consider myself something of an expert in all things sweet and sugary. Now a reformed fabulously fit health nut, I hold myself to a few beliefs, one of them being to buy naturally fat free or low fat as opposed to low-fat imitations. Many have heard me say it many many times. Simply don’t eat things high in calorie and fat, I don’t believe in indulging in lower calorie substitutions and imitations that claim to taste the same with half the fat. I know that if those claims were true, the US wouldn’t be facing the current obesity epidemic.

Surprisingly, to my skepticism there are a choice select handful of brands I recently discovered that actually can hold up to their true counterparts, and some, perhaps are even better. The First I will review is the  Skinny Cow brand – particularly the Dreamy Clusters (milk chocolate).

Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters are sold in a box of 6 individual pouches, each bag contains about 10 pieces. These chocolates boast of only 120 calories & 6 grams of fat and even an addition of 3 grams of fiber. Compared to a snickers its almost less than half. But how do they taste? TheRobertaShow says: Absolutely DREAMY! These little bites are completely packed with flavor and leave your chocolate craving sweet tooth fulfilled. Dreamy Clusters are milk or dark chocolate over rice crisps and rich caramel, similar in ingredient to other candies but a taste like no other.  Not that I care to indulge too often, but I prefer the taste of these to Snickers, Dreamy Clusters are a perfect substitute for a candy bar. Feeding each one of your cravings while doing little damage to a regularly healthy eating routine. Eat these without guilt, but be sure, only ONE pouch.

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