Transformation | Art Musings with Natalie Walker and #88

by Sunday, January 25, 2015



The amazing journey with Natalie Walker and 88. Late last year (2014) I was approached with an opportunity to become art. What I mean is a long time friend, Natalie Walker of fashion embroidery / embellishment fame asked if I would be interested in modeling a new line of jewelry she was creating. I immediately accepted even though I was intimated at the thought of stepping beyond my comfort level. I had never modeled anything before – and more than anything I didn’t want to do Natalie and the jewelry a disservice.

Upon arriving for the shoot, I discovered the pieces were unlike any I have seen before. Each necklace uniquely handmade and delicate to touch. I was almost relived because I most certainly wouldn’t be the star of any photo with these stunning statement pieces living around my neck. Each piece more beautiful than the next, my muted natural makeup and hair gave compliment to the life each necklace brings.

Furthermore, Natalie being the ridiculously talented artist she is, has created a beautiful look book featuring a few of the pieces, flower overlays and rhythmic sound. See the look book below. It was an honor and a pleasure to be apart of this project, it has uncovered beauty in myself I may have not seen elsewhere. Pieces are available for purchase at


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  • mom
    January 26, 2015

    Love you Roberta

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