20 for 20: People Magazine feature #6

by Friday, April 8, 2022

People Magazine Half Their Size X6

Wow! Every time I get an opportunity to be featured in People Magazine’s “Half Their Size” issues I’m astonished. I’m overwhelmed that my story is STILL relevant and timely and I’m also amazed that I always seem well prepared. What it’s taught me is that the opportunity is never wasted and that the lessons I learned at such a young age, have indeed prepared me for whatever has been thrown at me as I have progressed in life. Through People Magazine, over the past 20 years, I have been able to watch my own progression.

It started way back when I was 20 and somehow I willed myself to lose 100+ lbs. 

There was no social media, no detox teas, and a lot less self-help information readily available. And somehow I did it. For myself and by myself. Not only did I change the way I ate, but gradually I began to change the way I thought. Daily I had to make the choice of what to consume and I had to tell myself to keep going even if I wasn’t seeing any results. 

I didn’t work out.

I lost the first 75 lbs just by eating differently. I adopted “clean eating” before it was a thing. I cut out all fast food, all candy, and sugars completely. I lived on mainly fresh fruits and vegetables. I only drank water. These were seemingly simple changes, but consistency and willpower were the golden keys to my life change. Life is stressful, at the time I was living on my own completely, working full time while also attending college full time. I made some choices and I decided to stick to them. One day, my pants no longer fit – I don’t mean they were loose, I mean I put them on and they fell down. This was the first time in my life, after trying and beginning again countless times that I had finally proven something to myself. 

I kept going.

I kept going and once I decided that this was actually a life change I wanted to adapt to I began the exercise. Light exercise. At 200 lbs I was still too embarrassed to join a gym so I walked around my neighborhood when the sun began to go down. 

That was 20 years ago.

Since then I’ve adopted dozens of different healthy lifestyle habits. I have had many ups and downs and losses and gains but through them all, change was always rooted in all the lessons I learned when I first started. Consistency is key and keep starting.

6 features, 2 Meal Prep books and one App (TabbApp) later, I am better than I’ve ever been.

I invite you all to draw from my experiences and to feel free to ask whatever you like. My life is an example of what discipline and a bit of consistent self-care can give. I’ve had tragedies and I’ve made mistakes, but somehow I find myself back on that initial road that helped to lead me to who I am today. 

Here are a few fun throwbacks from the past few years.

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2017http://therobertashow.com/people-thank-you/ (video)



Cheers to the Half Their Size ” Hall of Fame”!

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