5 actions to avoid in the morning 🚫🚫🚫

by Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Avoid Social Stimulating

Immediately looking at your phone/ turning on the tv. Your email, messages, news, and social media can wait until you set your mind straight.

Avoid Dwelling on Yesterday

Thinking about yesterday’s issues – It’s a new day LET it be new, deal with yesterday later if you need to.

Avoid Drinking Sugar

Stick to water or plain calming tea first thing. And a little lemon if your fancy.

Avoid Thinking Negatively.

Your first thought should be “thank you” thank yourself for resting if you have no other thought.

Avoid Oversleeping

Don’t hit the snooze button, this will allow you time to settle yourself and thank yourself for resting. Not oversleeping will also help you avoid starting your day late and rushing to get out of the door.






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