Happy Birthday Roberta Tabb – A love letter

by Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Officially 40 and it feels fantastic. The transition to the opening of another decade of life has been epic. I am so clear.

This year I detoxed, not only have I kept my circle small and my ideas close, I embarked on a new health journey. I challenged myself to create some extremes and stick to them. I wanted to see what was going to happen if I really gave it my all. The pandemic and working from home really gave me a unique opportunity within a life-changing year. I committed to my growth and I grew into epic change. What I have always known is the progress takes time, but what I have learned is that you have to make the absolute best of the time you have. You have to always start right now.

This year I …

Celebrated 1 year of #TabbApp – The Affirmational App to Start your Day

TabbApp is one of my MOST favorite accomplishments. In 2020 I challenged myself to build an app. Not only was I challenged with building an app but also developing content that would sustain it. TabbApp – The Affirmation app to start your day is full of my most favorite, thoughts, inspiration, and motivation. I launched in September of 2020, keeping up with content and developments for the past year has been purposeful but also challenging. Lifes work shouldn’t be easy and all I need to do is touch one person to make it all worthwhile. Even if that one person is me. I find inspiration in my offerings and I post for myself as much as I post for anyone else that may be reading. Tabbapp taught me that I am able to teach myself difficult things and my resourcefulness is limitless. My app presented to the world is still a very private thing.

I brought my first product to market #PocketTabbs

How FUN was creating #pockettabbs ? Sure they are cards but truly inspired by spending time with my friends and figuring out how to create something tangible AND fun to inspire people. Not only that, learning how to bring a product to market on multiple ecom market places has been an educational dream. In my real-life career, I basically design materials to help people sell things. Now I know the logistics of doing it for myself.

I dropped 25 for 40

If you know me, you know that I have had almost a lifelong affair with health and fitness. Some bad, or misguided but mainly very good. My love for food knows no bounds, but my love for healthy fulfilling foods has been the object of my affection for quite some time. I’ve found the best colorful Meal Prep options I have featured in SIMPLY TABBTASTIC and TABBALICIOUS meal Prep guides. Aside from food, my body is a temple that I work to transform and push to its limits within reason. This year I adopted a more drastic way of eating and also more workout regimens that challenged my past maintenance. I workout because it makes me feel good, during this journey, it wasn’t always great but it was always satisfying. To get an extreme result you have to practices extreme measures.  Early in spring I adopted a very low carb daily intake and increased my workouts to 3 times daily. I focused on the usual cardio, specific functional training including lots of core and daily Peloton rides. I lost 25 pounds, gained some abs, and a bunch of definition.

I landed a career-changing gig fashion & entertainment 30+ brands, the opportunity is endless.

I don’t need to say much here but basically, I challenged myself out of a box I didn’t know I was in and answered a question that I had been asking myself for MONTHS. Creating TabbApp helped me do this. I’m proud of it, excited about my new job and as always I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Happy 40 Roberta Tabb

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