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by Friday, May 6, 2016

Almost daily, in my social media life I’m asked for weight loss insight and tips. Some people think I have a secret i’m keeping to myself or that I have discovered some drug that preforms miracles. I give each and every person the exact same advice, though I tail0r the delivery to the persons biggest issues, whether it be diet, lifestyle or self esteem. There are no secrets to weight loss – everything people have been saying has always been true. Eating healthy and being consistantly active – WORKS. The only miracle (or magic) I have is my mind and the amount of discipline I’ve been able to summon in my lifetime. Here is a quick and dirty list, to copy and paste, to share, to repost and to make memes out of. Do whatever you need to with the information as long as you USE it. Forever yours … #therobertashow

  • Consistency is KEY
  • Eat clean – easier than you think (think fresh, natural forms)
  • If you think its bad for you it probably is
  • Cook with less than five ingredients (the less ingredients used, the chance for useless fillers)
  • Season with fresh herbs & spices
  • Read labels – if you cant pronounce it – don’t eat it
  • Meal prep – Live and die by preperations (tips coming soon)
  • Water only – it’s JUST that simple
  • Put YOU first – you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself
  • Engage in even the smallest motivational action each day (post or pin a quote, like a motivational picture)
  • Keep looking ahead – during a period of transformation, you must focus on the goal
  • Train your mind – don’t break promises to yourself

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