Preventing Supplement/Vitamin Intimidation

by Thursday, January 10, 2013

vitamins-4For over 8 years I have been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and clearly I have reaped the benefits.  These benefits include a healthy weight, a great immune system and a young vibrant look. Paired with healthy eating habits, I believe in a light regiment of vitamins and an occasional dietary supplement.  That being said, even as a proven fitness connoisseur I can be intimidated when shopping for vitamins or supplements in my local or chain health supply shop. To ensure a successful trip and not spending over my designated budget there are a few behaviors I live by. Whether you are well versed in fitness aids or are brand new to this lifestyle here are a few tips that will help to ensure an intimidation free, budget friendly experience when purchasing any over the counter health aids.


Research – I can not say this enough, RESEARCH! Never go in search of a supplement or vitamin before you have researched the benefits as well as possible side effects. I am a huge fan of customer reviews, but be sure to read enough reviews to make a conscious decision on the product.  If the product is new and you haven’t previously used something similar you may want search out a brand that has more reviews and time on the market.


Ask – firstly ask your doctor what over the counter vitamins and or supplements are safe for you to take on a daily or weekly bases. Some vitamins can react to prescribed medicines deeming them ineffective. Doing this will save you from the sales person pitch when inquiring about a supplement. Also your doctor will be able to tell you the minimum dosage your body actually needs. This will save you from buying product in dosages that may be too high.


Look for coupons – Once you’ve researched and decided on a supplement, search your fitness magazines or even health and beauty magazines as well as their websites for special offers. Most supplements have ads, which contain information about the product and sometimes coupons and savings.

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