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by Friday, December 23, 2016

With a week left in 2016 and the holidays here I want to give you guys a gift of the most useful, slight obsessions I’ve had this year. This list, in no particular order is comprised of foods, apps and other things that have in enhanced my life in some useful way this year. ENJOY & Share! #therobertashow



Nuts ‘N More peanut butter – Naturally I found this protein packed, peanut heaven on Instagram. Extra protein, a plethora of interestingly relevant flavors (like Salted Caramel) and all natural – what’s NOT to love?






Mason jars – These, and everything about them, I create all kinds of freezable, storable, cannable daily concoctions in these timelessly cheap entities. You can get a dozen on amazon for under $10 (last I checked)





Seeds – the year of growth. This year I grew, Cilantro, Basil & Arugula and working on Ginger – all on my Harlem, NYC windowsill!




Morning glory


Morning Glory Muffins – Just discovered, the few times I forgot my breakfast and opted for this instead of the usual FIBER – a boring bran muffin, it was instant crunchy love.






ACV (apple cider vinegar) – 2 tbs in water every morning, metabolism boost and digestion flat tummy aid.






Ginger root – kind of a cure all, your mother told you to “take some ‘tussen” I say – have a little fresh ginger! From cramps to colds and anti-inflammatory relief, ginger is one of those wonder foods I tend to praise. A few months ago I started growing my own on the windowsill – come this time next year i should be living in ginger abundance.




Honey chrome plugin – what can I say? I’m an eCommerce girl. I LOVE coupon codes and don’t believe in shipping. Once you install the Honey app to your browser, when shopping it searches for all available coupon codes and skillfully attempts to apply them to your shopping cart.




Difficult People (hulu) – this show has been my new founded Saturday night savior. The only comedy as of late that promises a laugh during each sitting. 2 bitter, sarcastic comedic types living in NYC swimming through the trenches while attempting to stay afloat in every area of life … speaks to my soul.





Stephen King (any and everything this year) – Firstly the Hulu TV series 11/22/63, easily my favorite alternate genre book from King was brought to life fantastically. Also, and more importantly, “The Dark Tower” started filming this year (I have a DT tattoo), as well as the remake of IT. Amongst many other things the “Mercedes Killer” Trilogy was completed with the final book … all very 19 #ka





Sweet Sweat – This! Mornings before I run I smear on the sweat sweat and wrap myself in cling wrap for the best most detoxing sweat. The glide on stick improves circulation and sweating and accelerates thermogenic energy. I’m literally dripping with once my workout is complete.



31xjlx1rnqlNiaminocide – At the suggestion of my Dermatologist I started taking this, 2 capsules daily at the beginning of the year with a host of other medications for the worst acne flair up i’ve had in my adult life. The acne is under control and i’ve managed to only continue taking Niaminocide and a mild sulfur face wash. Among other things this vitamin is known to increase skin elasticity and tone and erase skin discolorations.





Azature diamond nail polish – IRL, if you know me, you are aware of my affinity for Miss Piggy, cake and all things glitter. This polish should be named after me – it stops SHOWS.



img_1449Amazon Tap – I need not say much about this Alexa enabled bluetooth speaker. The love is so great that she’s willing to go everywhere I go, spreading musical joy, jokes, information and even shopping! Less star power than the Amazon Echo but just as efficient.





“The Goddess Braid” – the summer was HOT and my unrelaxed hair at times is unmanageable. Early in the year I adapted my version of the goddess braid and i’ve never looked back. It’s edgy AND classic and the opposite of my iconic short, fluffy, curly look. Wonderful for humid days or if you want a structured look to last for hours.  There are multiple versions of this style, check pinterest for the best tutorials.

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