CLEAN IT OUT: Small changes go a long way

by Saturday, March 19, 2022

Spring is coming! We turned the clocks forward and we have another hour of sun. A new season is quickly approaching so out with the old and in with the new. Let’s do some spring cleaning! As we continue to work on the inside let’s work on our surroundings too. Personally, coming home to a clean clutter-free space makes me feel accomplished. Declutter your mind as you clean up your space. Think of the daunting chores of Spring cleaning as a few small changes that impact your home in a big way. Here are a few not-so-obvious Tabb Tips to help you get started.

Add Green

You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow things. There are many options, from useful herbs to air plants or succulents. Plants clean the air, lighten your moods, and caring for them creates good habits. For starters, I suggest a pothos plant or something simple like lucky bamboo ( you don’t even need soil). A warning: this can become addictive, however, it’s a pretty cheap habit to have, and bringing yourself joy is always an added benefit. I propagate my plants and the clippings are lovely thoughtful gifts for any occasion.


As the title suggests, we’re eliminating to make room for growth. Aside from clothing, I like to stick to the rule that if you haven’t used it in a year you probably don’t need that random thing that has been laying around collecting dust and taking up space. Toss or donate it. Create space for the new.

Create a favorite place (my favorite tip)

Your space should reflect you. For many (especially if you work from home) it’s where you spend most of your life. This place should consist of your favorite things. It could be a corner for plants or a bookshelf full of your favorite books. It also could be a desk for the hobbies that help you relax. Stay away from technical devices, this space should soothe and not antagonize.


A little dust goes a long way, and a little dusting goes a lot further. We should dust frequently but when we’re changing the curtains and cleaning under beds a deep dusting is needed. More importantly, anytime pets are involved so is fur! Use several sorts of dusters, feathers, swifffers, and make sure you add a bit of dust-resistant spray. Don’t forget to dust the plants! This isn’t really advice it’s more of a reminder.


Hard to believe the amount of actual snail-mail I get and how much of it I leave on my desk to open another time. If these physical envelopes were emails I would have opened and bookmarked or forgotten about them long ago. – only to use the search bar to find the correspondence whenever I needed it. Taking that into consideration, cleaning up your space could start with your inbox. Opt-out of physical mail when you can – why risk a paper cut when it could be an email. Some retailers and bills may even offer you a discount to go paperless.

Closet cleaning

This is a challenge, I challenge you to go through your closets and remove at least 5 items to throw away or to donate. Personally, this past weekend I went through both my dressers and my double closets – I’m happy to say I have a pile of over 20 times to donate. Really, sometimes you just don’t know what you have until you make an effort to go through and see. Secondly, again, think of it as making room for the new. So out with the old, they can be treasured and bring joy to someone else.

Bonus: Go through your kitchen cabinets and throw out at least 5 things. Check expiration dates and volume – I promise you’ll find something.


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