Everything a beginner needs to know about “hot yoga” (Bikram)

by Wednesday, December 11, 2013

bikram-yoga-benefits7Article contributed by Bridget Hill

I’d like to begin this article by saying “I am really enjoying hot yoga!” It is the first group class experience that I have had that I have really tried to stick with. Why? I think its a combination of friendly teachers, easy location and I love to get a good sweat when working out! After one hour of hot yoga, every item of clothing I am wearing is drenched in sweat and I usually wear a form fitting shirt, sports bra, yoga pants and underwear, of course. I like wearing the pants verses the shorts because I can get a good grip when I am trying to get into some of the poses. The great thing about hot yoga is that you don’t have to go out and purchase a bunch of yoga clothes. Yes, I do feel a little cooler knowing I am actually wearing yoga clothes to yoga class and not the grocery store but in my opinion its not really necessary. You get the the same benefits wearing any comfortable workout clothes that most people have in their closet. And, depending on the studio you attend, they may offer you a yoga mat and towel to use for the class.

Since you already have the clothes you should take a class. Most studios have a great price for first time students. When you find a studio, try to arrive at least 20 minutes before classes if you have never been to that location before. This will give you time to sign any forms and to get a tour of the facilities. Most yoga studios have more to offer than you just attending classes. There are instructions, challenges and workshops. You also want to mention to them if you have any physical or health problems. The teachers will help you in class and you want them to know what you can and can not do for your own safety.After you are done with all the paper work and maybe a tour there should be at least 10 minutes left to pick a spot and lay in the room which should be dark so watch were you step. Remember, this is HOT yoga. The room is going to be close to 100 degrees with humidity. Laying there before your class will help your body get acclimated to the heat. Then you just relax. As soon as you know it, its time for class to begin. The lights come on and you stand up and focus on yourself in the mirror. For the next 30 to 90 minutes you will be doing as many poses as you can as best as you can. Everyone in the room is at a different level so don’t be afraid of your body and what it can or can’t do. Just focus your mind and enjoy.


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