I am OK, but it’s ok to not be ok

by Saturday, August 1, 2020

In these uncertain times, there has been an abundance of heartbreaking news, fear, and anxiety. For me, the hardest part of self-quarantine is the dissolution of choices. I have found ways to keep busy, and I have a list of things that have kept me sane.

A list of my shameless quarantine staples


Daily positive thoughts aren’t new to me, but continuing to search for, comment on, and post affirmations daily has kept some normalcy in my life.


Missing my weekly meal prep sessions, the only weekly prep I have needed to keep up is weekly infusing. I do this because I keep an abundance of fresh fruit and I drink water constantly throughout the day.

Happy Hour

I think the only thing I have adapted to easily is the idea of virtual happy hour. This gives me a reason to not only connect with my colleagues weekly but to keep up with friends near and far. Since I don’t drink during the week Happy Hours give me “outings” to look forward to. Not only that – but a reason to actually fix my eyebrows!


Clearly creating recipes is one of my favorite past times, but I’ve had the opportunity to eat way too much of my own food these past weeks. Jokes aside I have been able to cozy into a balanced routine of healthy and indulgent cooking. I will admit, I’m spending more on groceries than ever before because randomly I’ll see a dish or an ingredient and I’ll get inspired. It’s given me an opportunity to expand a little bit and create out of my normal range of Tabbaliciousness.


Every single day, because I don’t have an excuse not to and I know I’ll feel great after. This consists of at least 30 minutes of cardio, an online workout class, or my own curated routine to focus on my problem areas.


I’m borderline addicted to kombucha, I realize it has been a trending craze for some time now but I usually can’t justify the cost. I will say, during quarantine I have made all sorts concessions. Since kombucha has immunity-boosting attributes I no longer feel guilt shelling out $5 for a few ounces of this delicious + refreshing drink.  Favorites include ginger- lemon and any flavor containing cayenne.

Local Business

I need to give myself something to look forward to. That used to be dining at my favorite restaurants or well-curated cocktails at my favorite prohibition lounge. However, my are normal is finding interesting local restaurants and bartenders to order from once a week. I look forward to Fridays when I allow myself to spend whatever on a great meal and maybe even cocktails delivered to my door.


Small projects have saved me throughout the past few months.  I have always proclaimed loudly that “if only I had more time I’d accomplish such great things”. I have been able to prove that true for myself.  From projects as small as hanging wine glass holders to as large as a new cookbook, I have been productive.

I like to stay busy. Don’t shame yourself for taking time to breathe during this crazy time. I also warn you not to get too complacent, we will all come out of this with lessons learned. lastly, please keep in mind it’s never too late to get started.



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