Keeping Going

by Friday, August 13, 2021

Do what you need to do to keep going. Staying afloat looks different for everyone. Your stress release isn’t the same as mine, just make sure it’s healthy. Make sure at the end you’re not digging yourself deeper into a pit of despair or financial hardship. There is no shame in taking steps consistently to feel better. You are responsible for sustaining yourself.

How do you release your stress?

Possible stress relief options include

  • Writing – Journaling, making to-do lists, rewriting positive affirmations, writing down your promises to yourself are all great actions to remind you of your control
  • Exercising – Not only does exercising redirect your energy but getting your heart rate up is great for overall health
  • Eating – fresh leafy things or fruit can instantly change your mood by altering your blood sugar
  • Listening – Your favorite Music, podcasts or ebooks
  • Cooking – Creating is great for stress relief and new healthy reicpes are not only exciting but have long lasting effects
  • Reading – Getting lost in an amazing story always works for me, it puts my imagination on overdrive and doesn’t leave any room for worry
  • Talking – If not therapy, talk about it with a trusted friend or family member. Getting it all out helps more than you know

What will you do to avoid the same situation from happening again?

It’s very important to be mindful of not repeating the same mistakes. Remember that you have changed as a person and have learned from your previous situations. Mindfully will yourself to take the steps to avoid the same situations. Pay attention to your feelings and most of all – red flags.

How can you sustain relief?

Relief isn’t just for a day, it should last forever. Old wounds should not reopen. Once you close a door, lock it and throw away the key. Easier said than done but it starts with a choice and a promise to yourself and ends with following through.

Always FOLLOW THROUGH for yourself.

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