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by Friday, October 7, 2016

roberta352Officially 35, I’m claiming success on adulthood thus far but, truthfully speaking – i’m also claiming a bit of fright. I’ll explain, I believe a healthy dose of fear is necessary at times to discomfort you. While fear can stifle you for a time – facing it, is the only way to get THROUGH it. In my experiences, things are never as scary once your inside the journey than when your just looking at them from the outside… and once on the other side, you either laugh at the dramatics or sigh in an accomplishment well earned. What am I afraid of? Well – not of getting older, but not progressing as I do. The foundation that i’ve stealthily built – completely on my own is very comfortable. Comfort is scary. I’m afraid to be comfortably content in 5 years. This means not having significant growth inside or out but still being overly content with the work that I do. 35 for me means i’m emerging on the the next level of life. Whatever that may be – family, career, relationships or social standing. Any of these options are big changes, changes I will embrace – but still changes that aren’t comfortable.

Q: So how do I proactively attempt to alleviate the fright that may not come to pass?  A: Consistently setting larger goals, and achieving them often.

I’m the first to admit that some of my largest accomplishments weren’t born from goal format but created in consistent positive lifestyle. I feel the universe appreciated my energy and relentless efforts enough to acknowledge the positive in the tangible format. Not only for these reasons, but I won’t stop. I will continue to set the example while pushing myself toward the fear of the grandest accomplishments. I also realize, many of us, including me – may not set larger goals for fear of failure. I have failed countless times, and generally at things I didn’t have a concise plan of action for. My personality type promises that if I call out the focus frequently the goal will be attained. I’ve created my own magic, shooting positivity and discipline aimlessly and attaining the largest prizes. What would happen if I did not shoot aimlessly? That, specifically, is the purpose of this post. 34 was an amazing year. Coming from where I have, I didn’t think my impact as a being would ever be as large as it’s become. However mediocre, there is no comparison to any other. When I say i’m excited – believe me. If i wasn’t trying before … I’m in awe at the effort i’ve been practicing with for all this time.  Officially sending requests out and open to receiving – prosperity, love and understanding. Accepting and helping any and all amazingness the universe is sending my way. Happy 35. #therobertashow

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