2021 Still Grateful, Still Challenging

by Sunday, January 3, 2021


This is NOT a weight loss post, it’s a consistency post, almost 20 years later and my will and mindset are still the strongest part of my being. My year-end post is among my favorite, it’s not a brag for myself but proof of transition and showing up for myself as I encourage others to do.

2020 has been a year of trying new things and teaching myself, but also a year of realization and hopelessness for some. I’m still an eternal optimist so I will always believe that things will work out – eventually.

The best thing about my life is that I get to be so many different things. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish which part of my life to focus on but each piece has been earned and deserves some devotion. This year I will focus more on what makes me happiest without sacrificing the other pieces that make me up.

Action Items

My favorite thing is to challenge you to start. Start whatever it is right now, I challange you to drop every excuse and do something to move your life along this very moment. For the new year, I’m challenging you to ACT, as well as a weekly task to create consistency and accountability. I would like you to start a gratitude jar. At LEAST once a week grab a pen and a scrap of paper and write down what you are grateful for that week or day. I guarantee each week you will find something worth writing down. In 6 months’ time, you will have a jar full of blessings to remind you of how worthwhile life is. By the new year, you will have tangible memories to remind you of your accomplishments, blessings, and experiences that actually make up your life. This is to remind you that bad, sad things happen, but if you pay attention to the little graces, the happy moments in life – they will always outweigh the bad.

The Challange

In 2021, drop your excuses and ackowledge the little graces that make up your life daily.

You will not find a downside in actively keeping these goals in the center of your focus. There is no downside to trying. You just have to get started today. So start, and stay consistent.

Happy 21.



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