Tabb Tips to Start a New Month

by Friday, April 1, 2022

Every month is a new opportunity to begin again. The better we plan the more likely we are to succeed. Here are 5 tips you can adapt to practicing at the beginning of each month to ensure a few wins and a lot of organization. You CAN make your life better. You can actively start here. 

1. Monthly Calendar

What are you doing? Making time for yourself is important. Lots of things come at you during the month, take control of the things you can. How many days do you plan to work out? Are there dinners and events you can plan for in advance? It’s important to not overextend yourself. Make some space for the surprises that will certainly occur within the month, however – plan what’s really important. Control what you can. 

2. New Affirmations 

What are you manifesting? Is there something you want this month? Perhaps a short-term goal or something you want to manifest into your life? Claim and affirm it, declare what you want and what you will have daily, as many times as it takes. You will gradually start to believe and then you will achieve what you have affirmed. This makes room for the universe to begin to move things in your favor. Claim and affirm it. There may be more than one, or it could be your ever-constant goal, nonetheless claim, and affirm. Claim and affirm.

3. Budget

What are you spending? Flat out – ask yourself, what do you want to spend and what do you owe? Be realistic. Take a look at your finances and plan your self-care and entertainment. Many of us budget but don’t consider setting anything aside to spend on self-care. I admit my fun budget is always added, my challenge is just not to go over. 

4. Digital Organization 

Where is your engagement? Digital organization is more important than you know. I don’t just mean blocking or unfollowing, go deeper. Examples of digital organization include deleting screenshots, useless numbers, and unsubscribing from email lists. Clean up your browsers as well. I have a habit of leaving tabs open for weeks instead of just adding them to my Pinterest boards. *You get extra credit for clearing the cache and cookies from your browser.

Intentional Shopping 

What are you eating? Set yourself up to win. Scour your kitchen cabinets and replenish the healthy items that are missing. Make a shopping list that is the base for your meals and meal prep this week. I generally follow this rule so I only need to buy fresh produce weekly. Making an eating plan for the month is not only mentally useful but also financially handy.

Take charge, you have a new month to win. 

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