Keep what you have CONTROL of

by Sunday, July 26, 2020

I admit I feel most unsafe when I feel like I don’t have control. Maybe that makes me a control freak but I have built my life around creating a safe environment for myself. I do this with intent, and with well thought out long-lasting decisions. When I am encountered with situations where the control isn’t mine I have trained myself to focus on what IS in my control.  This has proven to be a very useful tactic in stressful situations. Below are a few examples of what to focus on when you feel that you may be losing control, in a situation or even in everyday life.

Your thoughts

Your thoughts are probably the most important ideas that you can control. Keep them light and positive. This is as hard as it sounds, but the key is to be mindful of when negativity starts seeping in and correct the thoughts automatically.

Your time

Your time is yours to waste or to be productive with. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can waste it with or on people who aren’t deserving. Again, be mindful of your productivity.

The information you consume

Outside influences are a bitch. Remember – you can literally turn off the tv, close the internet, and sign off of social apps. Better still, you can stop listening to gossip, conspiracy theories, and stop spreading them as well. Mute the conversation and block the messages.

Your Reaction

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Keep this in mind when life challenges you and people try you. Try not to lose yourself in your reactions.

Your Habits

You become what you always do. If you create healthy positive actions in your daily life, you will always be able to call on them to restore normalcy when things seem out of sorts. Healthy habits include reciting daily affirmations, hobbies, and starting new projects small and large.

Your impact on those you surround yourself with

People will always remember how you make them feel. Whether you fill your space with negative, distant, distracted, or positive vibes people will notice. It’s not about caring what other people think about you, it’s about sharing your energy with the people you surround yourself with and making it a positive experience.


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