NINE for 39 (quarantine lessons)

by Friday, September 25, 2020


Learning something new makes every day exciting

Truly the best part of this year has been dedicating the time I’ve always to, to learning something new. Self-teaching is apart of my New Years’ resolutions each year, but this year I shined for myself above and beyond. Learning something new gave me a small challenge to look forward to each day. Among my long list were, conversational french and Xcode. (I’m still constantly adding things)

Self-reliance is clutch

Become your own best friend. I enjoy my own company and I have had to depend on myself to stay sane. There is no task I needed to accomplish that I wasn’t able to solve. Oh, the things I’ve learned along the way! From dealing with broken appliances to building and installing new housewares.

Self-evaluation is very important

I self evaluate constantly. I ask myself “how did that make you feel” and “how do you think the other person felt when you said or did …”. Since I know myself pretty well, I have been able to hold the mirror up and sit with some of my more harsh reactions to situations. This goes from work mishaps to personal friendships. I got to know myself a little better good and bad.

Your goals will shift

You may have one thing in mind, but work to achieve something even better. Don’t stop. Shift, change, and achieve.

With isolation comes resilience

(see #3)

Not everyone will be happy for you

But that has nothing to do with YOU. People cope differently. There are people in your life that are stagnant and expect others to be unproductive and stuck as well. While you may thrive on projects and goals, others thrive on misery and pain. No one gets through tough times the same way. Clap for yourself. Be happy for your self – you’re doing it for you.

If you haven’t communicated with them in 6 months – you never need to again.

It takes 2.5 seconds to send a text to say “what’s up” or “how are you”. If you weren’t worth 3 seconds in 6 months, then they aren’t worth knowing at all.

Advocate for yourself

There is no better person than YOU to push your goals. You have to depend on yourself to have your voice heard. Often, this isn’t actual sound – but action. Believe in yourself and your goals first. Some will follow, others will be inspired.

Never WASTE an opportunity

Turn negatives into positives. Limited distractions are actually opportunities. I challenged myself to find opportunities in each day during self-quarantine. I found TIME to learn things. I found time to get to know myself. Time was an opportunity. I used it.

Bonus: Life is STILL good* 










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