Simple Strawberry Parfait Meal Prep 🍓🍓🍓

by Thursday, March 19, 2020

Prepackaged yogurts get boring. Though they may be a little more convenient, most contain extra sugar or unnatural sweeteners. Creating your own healthy parfaits, made from your favorite layers is a great way to control sugar and calorie intake. This recipe uses strawberries, but you can use any sort of berry or citrus fruit to replace. Add as many natural toppings as you like for crunch and more complex flavor profiles. Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring.

What you need

16 ounces fresh Strawberries

5 tsp chia seeds

5 tbs grape nuts

24 ounces 0% fat Greek Yogurt

Divide all ingredients into 5 equal parts. Section ingredients into mason jars or airtight containers and refrigerate until use.

Makes 5 breakfast or snack parfaits.

Store in 10 ounce mason jars or airtight containers.

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