Spandex LIES -The brighter the color the bigger the lie.

by Thursday, March 28, 2013


Many of us (if not all) women, MYSELF included fall victim to the lies of comfort clothes. By comfort clothes I mean the frocks you walk around your apartment in on the weekends and after work, these clothes probably include sweats, oversized tee shirts and any stretchy, elastic garment with plenty of pull. There is truth in comfort when you’re in the privacy of your own home but once you step out into the big world all those truths turn into huge self-diminishing lies. Ladies – the worst and most unforgiving are the lies of spandex. The brighter the color the bigger the lie.

As early as grade school I adopted the belief that I should look a version of my best at all times. Now through the years my version of “best” has changed drastically, whether we are talking the goth-punk art school version or the now classic lady version – in public, I aim to be at my best. A motto that I subscribe to and live by is that when you look good you feel good. My goal with this post is for more women to adopt these beliefs, for the sake of ladylikeness and womanhood in general. On a whole those who represent us aren’t doing us justice and every woman individually has her own input just by being seen.


Ladies this means, NO slippers (unless they’re “velvet slippers”) at the grocery store, NO rollers or head wraps in the gym or train and dear lord no spandex – EXCEPT at the gym. Spandex belongs in the gym not in your weekly wardrobe. Simply put – Spandex deceives, sure in this trendy mashed up multi-decade, fashion magazines tell you this works for everyone – especially dark muted colors. Often enough this isn’t true, those same magazines depict models in spandex with unrealistic body types. If your proud of your curves like I am, you know what to wear to accentuate your favorite parts. Spandex is never apart of my public dressing plan as the terms “lady” and “spandex” don’t coincide for me. Although marketed and sold as sexy separates and although it may be extremely comfortable, in public –  it’s NOT for me. In the gym – it can work FOR you instead of against. In the gym, spandex has a way of showing me exactly what I need to work on.  But in public it’s an easy answer and a lazy way of exploring the lands of “what to wear”. Be aware that tight fitting stretchy fabrics don’t hide and hold in as much as you think especially when the light hits it at the right angles. So I hear, Spanx like garments are to be worn underneath your clothing and not AS clothes. As an option, skinny jeans are an amazing and more classic option, the thicker material has less pull and is more likely to hold things in place while keeping a snug fit. Also, the small, medium, large size doesn’t apply. The reason I mention size is because I know many a woman that has adopted the habit of daily spandex and got lost between sizes. 8 to 12 is still a medium in spandex. I’m just saying.


In the end we all want comfort but we all have an image to uphold, for our gender and ourselves. Dress for comfort but remember you’re a lady and should dress as so even when dressing for comfort in public. We can and WILL do better.

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