The plateau. The Backslide. The LESSON.

by Tuesday, January 13, 2015

backsideNO joke – this post was inspired by random self serving, self googling. Being a somewhat / some time public figure I like to at least check to see if what google says about me is accurate. AND being an all-the-time Web Designer by profession I have to be sure my portfolio stays current and relevant on the first page of my search results. Today was the first time I googled myself this year and this usually happens 3 or 4 times a year. Well, results were SHOCKING! I’m kidding, the results were mostly what I expected but I did make a few notes (mainly to make use of the Roberta Tabb hashtag more often along side #therobertashow). Now to the point! I came across a video of an instructional interview I gave for a friend about 5 years ago. I never watch the video (you’ll understand why in a second) but tonight I viewed it for the first time since it initially was published to her blog.

The topic of vlog post was beach bods, I gave tips on healthy eating and directed a few easy workout routines. I know my stuff, I was interesting, engaging, funny and true to character actively speaking with my hands through dynamic gestures. One thing was undeniably wrong and it made me feel oxymoron-ish. Visibly, to myself as I know me I was about 25 lbs overweight and maybe 35 lbs over my initial lowest weight after my dramatic 100+ pound weight loss. I’m a bit embarrassed of the video but it’s a constant living reminder that I am my own best competition. (

At first I thought a screenshot would make a great motivational visual paired with a recent photo for #tbt (throwback thursday) or #transformationTuesday on Instagram and Twitter because the weird berry colored shirt reminded me of one of my best photos taken in a weird berry colored dress. Then I thought – this is a wonderful lesson and a realistic situation many of us obesity survivors find ourselves in some time or another.

The Back slide. The plateau. The Lesson.

Since my weight loss journey began I have never stopped. I am far from perfect but I ALWAYS have my eyes on the prize. What I mean is that since I started the gym, I have been consistent – there hasn’t been a time that it wasn’t a priority. That being stated, my ideal gym regiment is 5 days on 2 days off, which usually balances out to 4 gym days a week. Somehow WHILE actively keeping this regiment with 5 am workouts, not only was I NOT maintaining my 120+ initial weight loss (from YEARS previous) I was was GAINING! I’m not a scale person unless I have to be, I am usually able to tell if i’m loosing, gaining or maintaining based on the fit of my clothes – but I got to a point where it seemed necessary. One January morning I stepped on a scale and was astonished. I was 20 + pounds up. Milestones I had LONG passed somehow were stating me in the face, I backslid and crashed. My first initial thought was to freak out – but since I had been HERE before I decided to sit down and rationalize how I let this happen. Perhaps it was the daily sugary coffee & pastry or muffin from the local street cart on the way to work each morning or possibly all the happy hour margaritas I consumed on a weekly basis. Then most of all I thought about my comfortable workouts, I certainly put effort in, but they had become much too easy. I put in my hour every other morning and only half of that was cardio. Weekends I stayed longer but focused more on lifting than on burning fat.

I assessed the situation and created a radical seeming plan to kick myself into gear. I switched everything up, the way I ate, what I ate, when and how I worked out. It was about time for a life makeover and a reinvention anyway. It became a challenge and I willingly threw myself into self improvement. I cut out ALL sweets and drinking and switched my weekday workout schedule to evenings so that I could add a little extra time and WHILE in the the gym I doubled my cardio and focused only on core work instead of lifting. On weekends I added an entire hour to add more cardio and full body lift on both days. After about 4 months the results were solid and obvious and I surpassed the goal I set for myself.

In the end, I got a little too comfortable with the same old routines and small but consistent habits caused the weight to slowly get the best of me. This journey will take a lifetime but as always my time is on my side as long as i’m willing to do the work. I’m ALWAYS willing to do the work. 











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