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by Monday, July 4, 2022

I got a peloton! I know, I’m one of “those people”. I have to say while being fully aware of the cult-like positioning, buying a peloton was a well-thought decision. Upon it being delivered last February, in an entire year, I have never regretted my decision. You can use the equipment for whatever you need. I NEEDED cardio that was easy on my knees during the cold pandemic months when gyms were closed and I had exhausted all of the HIIT workouts that I could stand. I wanted to try something new and see what all the fuss was about.

It has been a little over a year and I’m 500+ rides in on my peloton and I just hit 500 strength classes on the app. When the pandemic first hit, I thought – “oh – working from home, I can work out for as long as I like every day”. It was spring and running was my daily cardio staple, I never dreamed the horrific event would reach into the cold months. When the gyms closed I learned quickly that I needed to alter my workout methods and start branching out to try new things. I’ve been a member of some gym for the past 20 years, and for good or bad it was always there when I needed it. 

I love research, when I’m presented with options I enjoy deep diving to find the right choice. This involves best value, best-reviewed, and challenge. The challenging part was important because it was important to not get bored and to look forward to a new workout daily. After literal weeks of research I made a solid decision (only after I found an adequate place to put it) I decided to buy a Peloton. I downloaded a trial of the app and the selection of cardio and strength classes aside from actually cycling impressed me. The second thing that thrilled me was the various types of instructors, strong, multi-shaded, attractive, and positive. There are levels to this!

Peloton gets a bad rap for its cult-like outwardly appearance, but I say – if something is changing your life for the better you SHOULD be talking about it. You should want to wear the paraphernalia and you should be encouraging others to ride the wave. I’m not a person that needs outside motivation, but there is an abundance of people who only thrive on motivation from others. You can receive a high five from a stranger in London at 6 am and it could make your day, you can also ride in swarm groups with your peloton friends or do one on one rides using video. If any of this seems appetizing, Peloton might be your tribe.

This choice certainly isn’t for everyone but I have no regrets. There are many forums, facebook groups, and a multitude of peloton resources for any question, or support you may need. Its a good workout and a great challenge, you will never bore yourself with all the options. From yoga to outside runs to maternity strength classes, everything is covered.

Lastly, the peloton is affordable. I terminated my gym membership and I spend about the same on the bike +app yearly. The investment in convenience and your health is well worth it.

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