Intention Checkin & Tangible Tabb Tips

by Thursday, February 4, 2021

We are one month into 2021.

How are you doing with the intentions you set for the new year? Maybe an easier question is – are you doing what you need to do to make each day productive? By productive I mean, you aren’t just letting the days happen to you. You are getting something useful out of each day.  Remember, REST is useful, CLARITY is useful and PEACE is useful. I don’t want you to believe that you are only being productive if you are working on and achieving your goals each day and month. Peace should also be intentional.

Life is made up of a bunch of small pieces you can’t avoid. What you do with those pieces is what matters. We can’t let the drama, heaviness, or obstacles of the days continue to wear us down – it is certain that they will happen. Again, how you deal with them is what counts.

So here we are in February. We have our intentions, examine if they have changed, progressed, or are at a standstill. Today is always the best day to begin again and there is no timetable to creating your happiness. It’s a constant struggle, and the work has to begin every morning all over again. It does get easier – the key is to stay consistent. Seeking out happiness will eventually be as easy as breathing.

A few TANGIBLE tips to keep on track

Start each day with a compliment to yourself

It’s as easy as telling yourself your beautiful or handsome before you get out of bed

Create a list of intentions

(if you haven’t already) and check the list each day as a reminder

Set a timer

Each day set a time to work on your goals. I have a 2 pm french timer every weekday set up, a the very least i’m reminded to take 10 minutes for myself. Also, set a sleep timer, we can’t be our best selves if we wake up tired.

Talk about your goals

Look around you. It’s possible that there is someone in your network that you could use as a resource or for inspiration.

End each day with gratitude

Thank yourself for showing up and trying before you go to sleep

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