Killing Love (handles) (-18 lbs)

by Sunday, March 6, 2011

photoSeven weeks ago I was among the lot of you who added, “lose weight” to your ever secret New Years resolution list. Not unlike

any other year, I started fresh with a menial number as a goal. Minus 18 pounds (or 15 depending on the scale) I literally devoured my original goal.

Its not that I dislike the way that I look, or even that my clothes don’t fit, the best way to bring in the New Year is with a challenge. Accomplishing something specifically for yourself sets a great momentum for the rest of the year. Now that I have gotten a taste of that ever so present sweet success, I want more. Initially I thought ten pounds to be an attainable goal by spring.  But after attaining that in just 2.5 weeks I knew I had to set the bar a bit higher for myself, after all – I’ve been through this before. From 10, I added 5 more and from there my goal is a 25 lb loss by mid march. 7 pounds in 2.5 weeks is a good healthy goal.

How is this happening? Well first I had to fully commit. I hyped myself up to the point that I was excited to see what I could do with the challenge. And again – my motto for 2011 is “You’ll never change anything – if you keep doing the same things” simply put – change it up, do more. I have avidly been working out at least 4 times a week for the past 4 years.  With that I was simply maintaining, with this attempt at actual LOSS came adding 3 more days of workouts, and some times twice a day.  7 hours of intense cardio a week is no joke, and it’s just the SHOCK a body needs to firm up. Also in addition to revamping my workout schedule. I have been less lenient with my everyday diet. Simply put, I am staying fully committed, lots of proteins, soy and naturally low calorie foods. Sure I’m tempted – everyday in fact, but I weigh the sense of accomplishment with the momentary gratification – I may or may not get from eating a pizza or ice cream. There is much to be said about self-control, those who have none will never accomplish any tangible goal long term.

Why now? The better question is “Why not Now” – I’m coming up on some of the most important structural years of my life, I am under the impression that what I do now and accomplish now will continue to set the tone for the rest of my life. What better way then setting a goal for myself and beating that goal down, stomping on it – and accomplishing more than I set out to? And alone – under no influence of anyone else. I learned along time ago, you can’t wait for anyone to give you a push, and that if you cant motivate yourself – you may not be worth motivating at all.

Because – in the end, the only one that can do the work is YOU… and in the end you’re the only person responsible for success or failure.

All these things are based on the makings of Roberta Tabb, controlling my life – one goal at a time.

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