Life Design: Meal Prep 101

by Wednesday, January 11, 2017

FB6DC79B-E3E5-48EC-B9C0-B0C75575B734 2My life is based around preparation, whether i’m planning my social calendar, workout days or meal prepping – faithfully i’m never at a loss for my time. Knowing that my time can’t be given back, I try very hard to make each moment count.

One of my most favorite weekly rituals is Meal Prepping. This gives me a sense of control and offers assurance that my pockets and my mind appreciate. I sit aside at least 2 hours each week to prepare meals and snacks to last the week. I wouldn’t call this an easy task, but consistently working this action into my weekly plan alleviates a bit of the hardship. In the end – there is no comparable feeling to having healthy foods at my finger tips whenever I need. All I need to do is remember to grab something.

Another possible obstacle could be what to actually prepare, Pinterest easily helps with this. There are literally thousands of easy, healthy recipes to try and alter for any meal of the day.

Here are a few Tips to get you started – feel free to post or email questions!

  • Set a time – set a designated time during the week to cook. Easy enough I cook Sunday nights, but perhaps Saturday morning or Friday evenings work better with your schedule. I think it’s important that you stick to the same time each week so you don’t overbook yourself. (My meal prepping can be seen on my Snapchat Sunday evenings #therobertashow)
  • Check your weekly calendar – Figure out what days you will need what meals for, you may need to exclude a meal or two for work lunches, social events and dates.
  • Make a list – Go grocery shopping with healthy recipes in mind. Start with 2 veggies, 2 fruits, 1 protein and 1 carb. Depending on what you are prepping for the week you may need to prepare multiple daily meals. Buy foods that stretch and that you can use in multiple recipes. Example: fresh fruits you can use in breakfast as well for a snack,  fresh veggies you can snack on but also bake or sauté.
    • Also make a list of your favorite healthy foods to combine with your grocery list (if you LOVE strawberries – get PLENTY of strawberries)
  • Step up your storage game – your container game, this will devastate you, not having the correct sized containers to grab and go or mason jars to create all kinds of interestingly healthy recipes. Growing up – no lid matched and foil was god. This is simple, hit up Amazon for very reasonably priced mason jars of any size and hit up the dollar store (at the very cheapest) for at least two sizes of five set plastic containers. These are an investment of life.
  • Make a healthy Pinterest board full of easy things to try. Pin things to this board throughout the week, you can search healthy recipes for particular foods and develop ideas from other like minded pinners. Here’s my healthy recipe board.
  • Budget – hold yourself accountable. If you set a weekly food budget and you spend it entirely on meal prep ingredients, there is no room to spend buying lunch, breakfast or snacks during the work week. Also you’ll find that you’ll save money, your ingredients for 5 days worth of food probably cost less than half than purchasing a healthy breakfast and lunch for the week.
  • Stay prepared – I always keep frozen fruit in the freezer. Whether it be, ripened bananas, left over fruit from water infusing or bags of frozen fruit I happen to see on sale. You can make a quick breakfast or lunch smoothie from these things if you can get to the grocery store on a whim.
  • Set rules for yourself – in other words, be accountable. Don’t waste the food you prepare and don’t waste your money on extra food throughout the week.
  • Be creative – Having a selection of foods and recipes that are interesting will keep you looking forward to each weeks meals. They probably all won’t be perfect at first, but after a time you will recognize your favorites and build on rotating those.

Question?  Ask! The best way to be ready is to STAY prepared.

I have created a gallery of mealprep ideas from over the past year.



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