Mind Your Happiness

by Saturday, January 12, 2019

Tabb tips to positivity = MIND YOUR HAPPINESS

It’s a new year for growth! Ever wonder how I keep life so light and positive? Here are few actions I practice daily and have learned to live by.

Start each day with an affirmation – whether you find one from your favorite IG (@therobertashow) guru or peruse Pinterest, look for an affirmation that speaks to where you are in life from small to large.


Learn something – this is as simple as reading an article on one of your favorite topics or researching the calories in your favorite energy bar. You could Pin a recipe or learn a new word definition. Hint* you can find any of these examples in your inbox if you sign up for the right subscription lists.


One small thing – is my favorite #RobertaRule to live by. I need to feel useful in my own life each day. I can work for 8 hours and still feel useless, however, if I do one thing that gets me closer to a personal goal I can sleep well at night. It could be research, it could be editing photos for my blog or it could writing an email of inquiry. This works! do for you as you would do for them. During a busy work/social weeks – 5 small things that you’ve done for yourself start to build up into success over time.


Be quiet – for at least ten minutes a day take time to reflect. You could call this praying or meditating. But quiet yourself, your tv, your phone and be still and reflect.


Find a hobby – Find something simple to make you happy. I plant and grow green things and I create recipes. You could knit, write stories, paint or restore things. The point of having a hobby is working on something for no other purpose besides the joy of doing it. A hobby shouldn’t set you back, or take up too much time, so keep it simple.


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