People Magazine X5: 2020 Vision

by Monday, January 6, 2020

My 5th-time feature in PEOPLE Magazine is a great way to start 2020. This year I have been featured in the regular yearly edition of PEOPLE Magazine’s Half Their Size issue. This makes 5! An amazing blurb and a mention of my blog and books set the tone for success for the entire year.

Above all, the opportunity to continue to inspire has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I lost 75 pounds just by changing my diet, exercise came later but the root of both are the same. Consistency and self-discipline changed my life and are constants in every other area of my life to this day. PEOPLE has helped to share that.

Here are a few answers to my MOST asked inquires 

The number on the scale isn’t important to me

I usually don’t know the exact number of my weight. I care about how I FEEL. As in, do I feel energetic, do I feel sluggish … do I FEEL healthy. And lastly, it’s about the fit of my clothes, dresses, and gowns.

I work out to feel good

I work out almost daily and I’m never “trying to lose weight”. I do it for my peace of mind and because I feel amazing afterward. It’s a little lesson for myself daily and a great way to practice self-care.

I almost never feel like it

I never feel like getting up at 5 am to go for a run and I rarely look forward to the gym after work. I DO IT ANYWAY– I’ve never regretted the will power I gain from these actions… and at the very least I feel accomplished.

I’ve learned to take it easy
I push myself ALOT, mainly because I remember a time when I thought it was physically impossible to achieve very small fitness goals. Aware that I am aging, I frequently remind myself that the world won’t stop if I miss a gym day. I’m really good at putting myself through guilt trips… because – How can Inspire others if I don’t inspire myself?

I work best when challenging myself
This works for anything – small and large. I take my goals very seriously, while not taking myself too seriously at the same time.

I really LOVE to cook.

I post my food and preps because I really enjoy it. Besides words of inspiration, it’s my most favorite thing to share with the world. I don’t post workouts because it’s not my field of expertise. I know what works for me … but I know foods that work for ALL.

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