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by Monday, December 31, 2018

HELLO 2019 – be GOOD to me.

Each year I make a new years resolution list & each I don’t look at again until it’s time to write a new one. My resolutions don’t change much and I keep them pretty broad. Purposely, this year I will get more specific and print them out as a reminder to myself throughout the year. There are a few actions/guidelines I never need to consider because they are a way of life for me. This year – when writing your resolutions, keep the brief list below in mind.


If you aren’t your priority first now, you will have nothing worthwhile to give later.

2. If you want something, work for it consistently.

Consistency is the way you get the real bag.

3. Don’t let anyone waste your time.

Your time is precious, even if you’re doing nothing by yourself, it’s better than wasting time with people you don’t like or doing things you hate.

4. Don’t let anyone treat you less than your worth.

The key to getting treated what your worth is first, KNOWING your worth.

5. Don’t expect ANYTHING from ANYONE.

You have to do it for yourself, BY yourself if you expect it to last.

6. Clap for yourself.

Reward yourself, don’t wait for praise from others. This is how you sustain long-term.

7. Fuck what anyone else thinks about your path/journey.

Self-explanatory. Haters gonna hate!

8. Teach people how to treat you.

Never settle & hold yourself to the highest regard. Don’t change your personal rules, say no if you need to with no explanation.

9. Don’t be a shitty person.

Stick to your rules, but don’t be offensive if you can help it.


You will wait for forever if you wait for someone else to give you the life you want to live.

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