Spring Quarantine: How to keep Busy 

by Sunday, March 29, 2020

How to keep Busy

We are now just over 2 weeks into mandatory social distancing and it has gone “OK” for me. However, If I hadn’t set at least one small goal for myself daily, I would have gone stir crazy. The biggest challenge for me is sitting still. I sit in front of a screen for at least 8 hours daily but it’s the beginning and ending of my days that I keep busy. From commuting into Manhattan, to skipping to an exercise class or the gym after work – I begin and end my days with activity. Though I can’t bother to wear my iWatch all day, I have made sure I get a bit of activity in each day. I feel better, just the sun in my eyes gives me a sense of hope, the wind on my face reminds me that I’m alive and when running, my heartbeat in my ears reminds me that I’m I’m here for a greater purpose.

That said, if you need a few ideas on how to stay busy and productive. Please see the list I have comprised below.


Often times I don’t know how to begin or where to start new projects. Sometimes all it take is a half hour of research to get me going. When I wake up early with a new idea I dreamt about or thought of when my brain should have been resting I grab my phone and do a search. A bookmark or pin anything I deem relevant or enlightening.

Read a book

I read constantly, but I realize not everyone has the time. I have the great fortune of a train commute daily, so I get plenty of time for wild stories and fiction. For those that aren’t that fortunate, now is the time to catch up on reading. Whether it be the magazines dusting in the corner, your favorite book, a new series or even all those bookmarked internet articles.

Start a Journal

Simply put, organize your thoughts on paper or in a note tab.

Clean out your closets

Physically and mentally, eliminate access.

Adopt a pet

It’s a great time to get acquainted with a new little friend. New pets require a bit of time to get used to new people and environments. Now is the time to adopt or even foster to make them feel safe.

Learn something

There is something, some skill, some practice that you are interested in but never had the time to explore. Now is the time. Learn something new in depth: yoga, a new language, new recipes or wine regions.


Reach out to loved ones. Phone, FaceTime, perhaps go as far as writing a letter. This may also be the time to squash some beef.  We have perspective, and this time alone should show you what’s really important.


Perfect time to get your finances in order.

Start a Pinterest

I swear by Pinterest, early on in Art School I learned the internet is a magical place. Everything you can imagine is here now. I draw inspiration for fashion, home decor, recipes and event planning. You can literally visually capture all your hopes and dreams on Pinterest and organize them by idea, genre and even time. You can follow me http://pinterest.com/therobertashow/

Take care of your skin

I can not recall a long stint in life that I haven’t “had” to wear makeup. I love it! My daily skincare routine hasn’t changed so much, but now would be the time to take it easy on your face or try out new techniques you were skeptical about. Try a peel or a scrub a few times a week.

Spring Clean

Dare I say clean your space? I don’t mean regular cleaning, I mean – get them baseboards, wash your drapes and curtains. Run your china/glassware collections through the dishwasher and rearrange your pantries. Dump the old spices and expired condiments. I am aiming to get the drapes down by the end of the week!

Update your Playlists

I admit, this years gym and running playlists aren’t the same as last years. I also admit, instead of deleting old songs, I just keep adding to the list. This irritates me but I haven’t taken the hour or so to create new list or to give a great scrub to the old lists. I vow – before all of this is over, all new lists shall be created.

Clear up your photo albums 

How many old memes and screenshot conversations are laying around in your phone? I have dozens! How many unusable selfie tries are still taking up bytes within your cloud? I probably have hundreds. Now is a GREAT time to go by season and delete any trash in your camera roll. I try to do this consistently, but I can’t seem to ever get passed a few summers ago.

and Finally,


Adapt an at home exercise routine. there are SOOOOO many GREAT resources online. From Pinterest to Instagram, I have seen all levels of at home workouts. With a short search you can easily find a great workout that works for you. Adding a few of my most favorite inspirational accounts.







And a little workout #inspo from a friend


Be well, keep busy and I’ll see you all on the other side of this – with glowing skin and a new prospective on all our lives together.







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