Welcome to theRobertaShow.com! …  a site created to invite you to be inspired, Extremely Inspired … I invite you to be a spectator at my show… and I invite you to change your life.

As I did mine.

As an all natural obesity survivor (down 120+ lbs) join me as I share my thoughts, advice and recipes on all things Health, Fitness & inspiration! Featured on Discovery Health Channel, People Magazine, The View, Jane Pauly & more!

This site should serve as an inspirational vehicle for those who thrive to make an Extreme change in their lives. Weekly you will find accurate sources of healthy lifestyle information, pertaining to body, mind & soul. This is an open invitation to anyone who may need that extra push or a little encouragement. I welcome YOU ALL to read and share. What I have been blessed with – I choose to share.

I promise you’ll find the most sincere comfort in this experience, not only physically but also mentally. Because of my experiences on both sides of the extreme, I believe it’s my social responsibility to offer anyone seeking information all that I have to share.

I have lived one extreme – now I am flourishing in the next!

Extremely, Roberta

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