Roberta Rules

75 percent of my struggle was overcome with a healthier eating regimen. It’s important to remember that foods that usually seem like they are good for you probably are. I began putting together foods that worked for me, developing my own plan helped me the most. I learned that if you pick the right foods to eat you will be able to eat bigger portions.

Style your Eating for YOU! (most of these I follow, others I’ve tried):

  • Small portions are the best portions
  • Eat fruit for breakfast and snacks, the fresher the better
  • Buy fresh fruits and take one to work or school everyday. If you know you have fruit it will be easier to make a decision when you want a snack
  • When you’re shopping don’t give in to temptations; if you don’t buy bad foods they wont be around when you crave them (and dont go to the store hungry)
  • Make a list – buy only the things included, this will eliminate impulse buys
  • It’s a great idea to pick a time to not eat after. I suggest a few hours before you go to bed, like 7 or 8 pm
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I can’t express this more strongly. Filling your self up with something that contains nothing is a great way to stay full. I carried around a water bottle for months constantly refilling (Plus it’s great for your complexion)
  • Drink fat free or skim milk (personally i’m starting to really like Soy milk as well)
  • It’s OK to eat healthy cereals, just pay attention to portion size (I LOVE Honey Bunches of Oats)
  • Buy whole grain breads, pastas, and rice (you’ll get use to it)
  • Drink plain tea or hot lemon water between meals
  • Eat all the fresh green vegetables you can (i suggest steamed)
  • If you are a slave to fast food covert yourself to fast-food salads. Almost all of the major fast-food chains offer a healthy menu, but eventually you will want to cut out all fast food
  • Don’t eat to fill yourself up, eat to keep your energy up – eat to live don’t live to eat!
  • It is ok to have dessert every once in a while (I suggest once a month, and a small portion). It’s something to look forward to. After you see results you may not even want it!
  • On holidays DON’T take leftovers home. If you must eat a bigger meal make sure it ends with that day.
  • Eat yogurt for a snack – i prefer greek, it has a healthy dose of protein – your body needs this
  • Try other methods of cooking fried foods. Try broiling, baking or grilling
  • Let’s just not fry anything at all!
  • Buy skinless chicken or cut the skin and fat off before you cook
  • Buy leaner meats – they are more expensive but it’s worth it
  • Don’t buy or eat microwave dinners; a lot of them have saturated fat and are high in calories, i tend to stay away from anything in a box all together
  • Replacement shakes are OK; they give you the nutrients you need
  • A great plan includes a diet diary – write down everything you eat everyday along with times. This will allow you to watch your list shrink as you progress. There are PLENTY of calorie counter apps available.

Style your own plan!

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